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11 Tips For Installing Security Gates

06 December 2019 | 0 comments | Posted by Che Kohler in Alarming

Installing security gate tips

Securing your property can be a seen as a grudge purchase for many, but it is indeed a necessity in many neighbourhoods. Creating barriers between yourself/home and the outside can be seen as unsightly and adding additional complexities to your home, but these are the prices one has to pay for security.

Physical security like burger bars and security gates are still the most effective forms of home security as it creates a barrier between your home and intruders which can provide to be a deterrent or a means of buying valuable time during home invasion situations.

Each home, however, is different as well as the needs of the owner. You could opt to secure the entry points to your home or your entire property with a security gate. It all depends on your security needs, budget and naturally how you feel a custom security gate can add value to your home.

As you can tell, there's a fair bit of consideration before attempting to install a security gate. So here's how to decide on which security gate option is right for your home and needs.

1. Importance of aesthetic appeal

As a private homeowner or a landlord of a rental property also want security that doesn't compromise the aesthetic appeal of your asset. You want to spend money on your home that is going to offer protection and add value to make it appealing to future buyers or renters.

If costs are not an issue for you, and this is seen as a sound investment, then a good option would be to consider having custom security gates made fro your home. Security gate installers can offer you several designs to suit the premise architecture and overall style requirements.

So you never compromise on looks but still get the security aspect that those unsightly gates can provide.

2. Protection while you're away

Holiday homeowners have to deal with the increased risk of break-ins and vandalism when they're not at their properties. With most holiday homeowners far from their properties for the more significant part of the year, they need to secure their properties.

Burglar bars only offer temporary protection. If a criminal has the time, they can eventually break into your home, which is why security gates make for a better option for holiday homes.

By adding retractable security gates along with retractable shutters, you can secure your home while you're away and when you're there, you have access to the entire house and no need for unsightly security measures. This lock-up and go systems are perfect for the holiday home or the self-catering B&B.

3. Motorised and manual operation

While security gates do offer additional protection, there are times when they can leave you vulnerable to attack such as manual gates. Manual gates homes can be targetted as criminals can wait until you open them or force it open easier than a motorised gate.

Motorised gates also offer additional safety for these types of situations as well as convenience, but they are not full-proof. You may need to consider a battery as a secondary power supply or having the option of manual use in case of a power failure or load shedding.

4. Quality of the gate

Not all security gates are created equal and faulty materials, and poor quality can endanger the lives of people. Which is why you take extra care to ensure that the custom security gates we provide meet and exceed safety standards and strict quality control requirements and make sure the best materials are used and tested before installation.

Also, speak to your service provider or installer about a faulty quality guarantee, so you don't have to pick up the bill for shoddy work.

5. Affordability

Common concerns when installing custom security barriers is the cost involved. When installing obstacles for the entire home, affordability becomes even more critical because you want the best protection at the lowest price.

As such its best to shop around once you found what you're looking for and getting several quotes before you make such a big-ticket purchase.

6. Think long-term

As I've mentioned before if at all possible never skimp on the quality of your security measures as it may cost you even more in the future through losses, repairs and maintenance.

Opt for aluminium inserts and stainless steel bearings that will withstand long-term use and require less maintenance.

Also, consider what type of paint finish and coating is used as a finish. Polyester base powder coats will last longer, are easier to clean and have better UV resistance.

7. Divide and conquer

Retractable security gates are versatile and can be used in different areas of your home, depending on the security needs. If you are on a budget, consider dividing up the installation by adding retractable security gates to essential regions first and then adding new security measures over time and see it as a phased approach.

Protecting your family at night should be your priority, so the first place to install a retractable security gate should be in the passage leading to your bedroom. Then you can work your way outward and secure key areas as you move along. The next step would be to secure main entries such as front and back doors, sliding doors and patios.

8. Remember space

Retractable security barrier can take up a bit of space when stacked, taking up an average of 20% of the width of the opening space, which needs to be taken into consideration if you plan on moving things in and out of the room regularly.

9. Go neutral

Choosing a neutral colour for your retractable security gate will help it blend into your home. You can also choose a neutral colour as it has staying power and matches your decor even if you change things in the future.

10. Double up

Security generally works best in groups, and retractable security gates work best if they have a double lock system. A spring-loaded lock that shuts automatically when the gate is slid closed is ideal for emergency barrier situations.

While a tradition deadlock system adds security at night or when you are away as the double lock ensures the gate is securely closed and more difficult to pick open.

So pick your solution for the various situations in your home and how you feel about this entry point and its potential vulnerability.

11. Inside or outside

Depending on your home and needs your security gate or retractable security gates can be installed on the interior or exterior of your home.

When acting as an additional barrier in entryways, it is recommended that gates are connected internally. As a final barrier to your home, retractable security gates should work in conjunction with additional security measures such as sensors and an alarm system.

Having them inside means burglars have to break through exterior doors, setting off the alarm before getting through the security gate.

Having your retractable security gate indoors also protects it from the weather, helping it to operate smoothly for a more extended period.

If your retractable security gate is on the outside of your home, make sure to have it coated in high-quality paint and clear debris from the bottom track regularly to maintain all moving parts.

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