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6 Tips For Burglar Bar Installation

06 December 2019 | 0 comments | Posted by Che Kohler in Alarming

Burglar bar installation tips and tricks

Securing your home and household possessions have become second nature to many of us. For many of us, our homes are our most substantial investment and also a place where we feel secure. Which is why forced home entries are so intrusive as they damage the property you've worked so hard to acquire and beached your place of peace. While technology has helped us improve the way we secure our homes such as:

  • Early warning systems
  • Laser eye detection
  • Automated lighting
  • CCTV cameras
  • Panic buttons
  • and more it still cannot provide the assurance that physical barrier security offers.

Burglar Bars are still one of the most affordable low-tech home security solutions for the every-day home. That offer real physical protection from intruders who could either deter them from entering or buy you vital time to react should an incident occur.

Burglar bars not only offer a sense of relief and safety, but they can also increase your property value and secure your prized possessions.

1. Evaluate critical entry points

Many homeowners make the mistake of overkill and trying to cover up every nook and cranny they think would be an entry point. An exercise that can result in a costly expense and have your home end up looking like a prison.

Which is not an experience many of us would like to return home to or a place they can truly feel relaxed and at peace when these bars are always in your face.

Evaluate your home and look at windows or doors you feel would be the obvious points of entry for an intruder and make sure you secure those windows or sliding doors with a robust solution.

If you have a double story home, you may want to leave the upstairs free of bars if you feel it would be more of a paranoia purchase and the hassle of getting up to the top floor would be enough of a deterrent for a suspecting criminal.

2. Measurement is key

Once you've picked out the areas you want to secure and plan on installing your burglar bars, you must measure your windows correctly. Do not measure the window itself — instead, measure between the inside edges of the frame of the window.

To measure accurately note the following:

  1. Height: From the inside top to the inside bottom of the frame
  2. Width: From the inside left to the inside bottom right of the frame

If you are hesitant about DIY measurements and want to avoid costly measurement mistakes, it would be best to contact a professional installer to come out and take the measurements themselves.

3. Consider your neighbourhood

Depending on the security risk in your area and choose the product that will optimise your security accordingly. If you're in a high-risk area, you may want to opt for a more robust and aggressive design whereas low crime areas would give you a lot more options on how you secure your home with steel or polycarbonate bars.

4. Aesthetic considerations

Installing security products helps you protect yourself and your family, but you do not want to sacrifice the aesthetic of your home. Previously you had very little choice but to paint these bars to match your house but today's burglar bars come in different forms which but not just protect but also boost the beauty of your windows.

Homeowners can now opt for transparent burglar guard and are constructed from polycarbonate sheets with special UV protection. These bars are impact-resistant, offering similar protection to standard steel burglar bars and are suitable for both wood and aluminium windows.

5. Install your bars inside

The crucial safety release mechanism installs between the bar and the anchor point in the wall. When you install the bars on the exterior of your home, it puts the safety mechanism in reach of criminals who if properly prepared would be able to remove them or bend them in ways that would allow them to gain access to your home.

When your bars are placed on the inside, the offender would also need to break a window which would result in noise and could attract attention or set off your alarm systems before even getting to the burglar bars.

6. Consider the elements

If you have to install your burglar bars on the outside, consider the elements it would need to face and still retain its strength. Would you have it exposed to load of sun, rain, snow and sand could all affect the integrity of the bars over time, and you will need to consider opting for a more expensive finish in these cases or know you will need to replace cheaper bars every few years.

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