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Custom Made Gloves Vs Bag Gloves – What is the Difference

22 January 2020 | 0 comments | Posted by Jonas Pelaez in Athletes

Differences in boxing gloves

Why is there so much confusion and debate about the difference between custom made gloves and bag gloves? What is the difference between them?

Before you head off to order boxing gloves online and get the wrong gloves, here are some facts that you should know. There is a clear difference between bag gloves and custom boxing gloves. Making sure that you buy the right one will make a massive difference in how you perform at the activity.

Difference between custom made gloves and bag gloves

  1. This should help you understand the difference better. Bag gloves have just one purpose - training. They are for you to use on a boxing bag when you want to hit the bag to practice punches. Custom boxing gloves serve for more than only one purpose.
  2. It would help if you did not use bag gloves for any other activity other than on a punching bag. The reason is that they wear and tear if you use them in actual boxing. The foam compresses and causes harm to your partner, unlike custom boxing gloves
  3. You cannot wear bag gloves during competitions and fights without worry about sweating inside. Custom made gloves come with a unique inner lining that prevents sweating and keeps your hands dry. The manufacturer uses special techniques to ensure there is sufficient ventilation in the insides. For example, the boxing gloves at Infinitude Fight have this technique and buying them is worth it for most boxers. There are customer reviews about this brand backing up its quality.

Which is one better for use and why?

Generally, opting for custom made gloves is always better than opting for bag gloves. There are numerous benefits to these gloves.

Text and design printing

One of the main benefits is that you can use them on a routine basis without worrying about sustaining injuries. You will also be able to look at your best with exciting colours and customizable texts and designs. Most importantly, you will feel comfortable during the entire activity.

The added here benefit is that you can order the design to be precisely how you want it. At a brand like Infinitude Fight, you have the option to customize not just the colour, but also the size and the design printed on the gloves.

If you have a specific text or image that motivates you during the fighting training or workouts, then they will print it.

Custom size

In terms of sizes, the company has readymade boxing gloves available, which comply with the boxing standard requirements. However, sometimes, they may be oversized or too tight for boxing professionals and trainers.

To solve this, you have the option to measure your hands and specify what you want. You can also measure your wrist size and tell the manufacturer how you want the adjustable strap to be. If you prefer boxing gloves with laces too, they will make it exactly how you want.

Lightweight and comfortable

When an experienced manufacturer makes the custom made gloves according to your hand size, they maintain the weight to be comfortable. If the weight is not right, there will be no balance in your hands, and this can ruin your training or boxing competition.

They use just enough padding to maintain the perfect weight and balance. Moreover, to ensure you stay comfortable and dry while using them, they use techniques that provide proper ventilation inside.

If you are keen to order boxing gloves online, then make sure you check the reviews if the manufacturer. Talk to the support if you have any questions and then place your order.

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