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7 Mistakes When Growing a Moustache

Mistakes to avoid when growing a moustache

Gone are the days when styling was a women’s affair. The present beauty trends have experienced better accentuation of men’s styling. Nowadays, most men are growing beards, and you’ll be surprised how much some spend for that impressive beard. Some acquire the best products for beard growth, while others visit the best barbers in town.

The moustache is yet another emerging trend and is gaining fame amongst most modern men. Nonetheless, caring for a beard is somewhat tricky, and there are many moustache mistakes to avoid. If you've always wanted to grow a moustache or want to support causes like Movember, then check out mistakes to avoid when growing a moustache.

We'll also give you a few pointers and tips along the way to get you that glorious 'stache, you've always wanted. So if you're keen on learning how to grow a fuller and more luscious moustache faster and that remains healthy, stick around. 

1. Leaving the moustache to get bushy

There are many moustache styles; some men like it when cropped and short, others leave it to grow longer and fuller. Others like having a lot of hair on the face, and this is a big mistake. A bushy moustache doesn’t look neat and can be scary. Have it trimmed by a professional barber if you don’t know how to trim a beard with scissors. Besides, a neat moustache looks clean and stylish.

2. Growing a youngster moustache

A youngster moustache is a thin and soft moustache that usually grows when boys get to the puberty stage. Some of the young men try to look older and do this by growing a moustache. Many do this once they begin growing a few hairs on the upper lip, and this looks absurd. Wait for the hair to grow and only grow a moustache when you have full hair on your upper lip.

3. Forcing a moustache on the sparse hair

Most men suffer from the problem of thin hair. Forcing a moustache on such hair won’t work. If you must have a moustache with this type of hair, then try a small moustache or a toothbrush. The bottom line- a patchy beard or growing a moustache with scarce hair is a turn-off.

4. Forgetting to shave

You must shave regularly to maintain a neat and charming moustache. Your moustache will look awful if you miss a few days of shaving. To have it look chic, trim it often and don’t do this horizontally. A diagonal trim will crop stray hairs and prevent hair from curling into your mouth.

5. Using the wrong products and tools

Note by not using the right products and tools can affect the growth of your moustache. Wrong products can lead to hair loss, dandruff, and itching. Others can be a waste of time and money. For instance, beard oil or styling wax are excellent products for healthy hair. But using them on a youngster moustache won’t help much. You’re better off using a moisturizer once your hair grows to about an inch long.

6. Not brushing

Most men focus too much on their beards and forget about the moustache. Combing and brushing your moustache helps spruce it up, and not doing this is a big mistake. Brushing often will help maintain control over the growth pattern. Avoid using a regular hairbrush and instead invest in a dedicated moustache brush.

7. What about the facial features?

Your facial shape and other features are key aspects to consider before growing a moustache. If you have a small round face, a large beard will make you look amateurish. Such a feature will go well with a neat little moustache. If you have a large prominent nose, forget about growing a moustache altogether. Choosing beard styles that don’t match the shape of your face is a NO!

Take home

Caring for your moustache should form part of your everyday routine. While things like trimming, oiling, waxing, and brushing are all essential, there are some moustache mistakes to avoid. If you're still unhappy with your beard growth, then we highly suggest talking to an expert on how to care for your moustache and the right style for your facial shape.

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