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How to Rent a Dumpster for Construction or Demolition Job Site

Considerations for renting dumpsters for construction

Roll-off dumpsters are essential for demolition projects, but there are vital considerations to mind before you rent one. Think about the material type, project duration, debris volume, and availability of container stock on the rental provider’s side.

To achieve optimal efficiency and adhere to waste and sustainability standards, contractors in need to dump, must plan well to reduce considerable project costs by at least 20%.

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Weight the cost of dumpsters

Confirm with your chosen dumpster rental firm whether they will give you tailored contractor prices and discounts for bulk orders. Local companies are always eager to work with a contractor who needs multiple dumpsters over and over.

Also, in cases where eco-friendly building materials were used, you could look into additional discounts as these are subject to recycling or some form of reuse.

If the project is big, it’s best to lease the largest unit and thus save on your total dumpster rental cost.

Work with a few large containers instead of many small ones, but ensure the dumpster suits your debris type. Depending on the scale and type of project, you might require junk removal instead of dumpsters as that takes away part of the effort, but that comes down to workforce capacity, priorities, and budget.

According to relocation professional Ryan Banks, for most domestic works, people prefer the combo of having helpers for both junk and moving possessions, where professional tradespeople would rather fill up a dumpster themselves and thus handle the task.

Estimate the approximate amount of debris expected

Make accurate estimations of your debris to reduce the cost of disposal. FEMA has a basic formula to use to approximate the debris your demolition project generates.

Building demolition

Multiply the length, by width, by height by 0.33 and divide the result by 27. This will give you an estimate of cubic yards of debris generated. Based on the result, you can estimate an approximate number of containers needed.

Single-family home demolition

Multiply the length, by width, by the number of stories, then by 0.2, multiplied by the vegetative cover multiplier, also known as yard waste. Use the result to plan waste management.

How many dumpsters are needed to demolish a house



40-yard Containers

1,000 sq. ft.

135 cubic yards

x 3.5

2,000 sq. ft.

270 cubic yards

x 6.75

3,000 sq. ft.

405 cubic yards

x 10.5

Debris generated from construction and demolition is called C&D debris. A ton equals around two cubic yards in volume.

After you make the estimate, it’s simpler and more precise to assess your dumpster needs. Larger projects that involve industrial buildings are more suitable for a 50 cubic yard dumpster. But most companies don’t have this dumpster size. They offer 40 cubic yards as the maximum size.

Many rental companies recommend smaller containers for certain debris types. For materials such as concrete or shingles, you would need either ten or 20-yard dumpsters. This debris has high density and low volume.

Factors on waste & enormous projects

Disposal of debris requires a strategy to maintain a smooth workflow at the construction or demolition worksite. Apart from the reduction of the total cost, a well-built and efficient plan helps to:

Improve job site efficiency

Deliverability, pull-back, and change of containers full of construction waste need robust organisation, so time wasted in waiting is minimum. That’s why contractors should first have a laser-sharp plan and schedule and only then forward timeline details to dumpster rentals. Also, always have a Plan B supplier in case the current one cannot meet your needs. Professionals using construction management software have a cutting edge against old school practices.

Safer & cleaner worksites

When it comes to health, safety, and construction, the rate of fatal injuries on construction sites is the highest among all occupations, and responsibility will only rise. A pile of debris makes it harder to access the job site, and accidents are more likely to happen.

Dispose of waste in dumpsters instantly to maintain a safer job site.

Understand job needs

  • Approximate the number of dumpsters required for job completion.
  • Determine if the removal strategy includes swap-outs and live-loading.
  • Verify that your chosen dumpster rental can meet your demand.

Some companies cannot accommodate live-loading and other special needs, while others lack the resources necessary to deliver multiple dumpster units.

Free enough place for dumpsters

Big projects generate considerable amounts of waste, and it takes space. So do the dumpster. A standard 40-yard container is 22 feet in length and 8 feet in width.

Make sure to remove any blockers for roll-off trucks. They need to have free access and leave a job site.

Keep company policies in mind

When you rent a dumpster, follow the company policies. It is crucial to keep materials banned from dumpsters out of dumpsters. Many companies don’t want you to mix particular materials like concrete or bricks with other construction waste.

Be careful with what you dump

You face hefty fines if you dump hazardous wastes. Don’t dump materials like:

  • Asbestos;
  • Paint;
  • Contaminated oils;
  • Lead paint chips;
  • Radioactive material.

Hazardous materials contaminate water and soil, which threatens the health of the locals. It also pollutes the environment, and governments normally incur millions of dollars to eliminate the waste.

You face criminal charges if you dump such materials illegally. The penalty can be both jail terms and millions of dollars in fines, not to mention litigation by those who ail from exposure to the materials. There are uprising construction trends that offer sustainable solutions worthy of attention.

The property specialists recommend consulting at least a handful of businesses in the field and how and what help you can and should get after a demolition.

How to decrease the cost of construction & demolition waste

Efficient tactics include, but don’t limit to, actions such as:

  1. Close an agreement with your dumpster provider to get the contractor prices for more business.
  2. Confirm if the company offers discounts if you rent multiple dumpsters.
  3. Some dumpster companies provide discounts for seniors, veterans, and other categories.
  4. Call several firms to find the best deal. Gather cost estimates and hint to each provider that you’re doing it. Then give them all a second call and cut off when you get their best offer.
  5. Please don’t choose a popular dumpster company as it does not guarantee a customised service or low cost. If a local haulier can meet your job requirements, it’s best to choose them. Local providers are more flexible with discounts and tailored agreements, as opposed to companies operating nationally.
  6. Consider development towards a zero-waste business and revenue from utilising a large turnover of debris. Generating revenue from metal scrap is rising in use as resources climb in both price and demand.

Waste & contractors remarks

To book a junk removal company or rent a roll-off dumpster, you only need to contact providers and compare your quotes. But if you don’t plan properly, it can be an expensive endeavour.

Before you get a rental, estimate the amount of debris, research the cost per dumpster size. While some companies operate in the lower range, others only in the higher, the spectre of common offers features:

  • 4-yard container;
  • 6-yard container;
  • 10-yard container;
  • 15-yard container;
  • 20-yard container;
  • 30-yard container;
  • 40-yard container.

You also need to understand job needs, improve efficiency on the worksite, and have a cleaner site, among other factors. And don’t forget that doing whatever it takes to incur the minimum cost is not always the best choice for what you’ll get.

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