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How Storage Units Can Make Moving Houses Easier

How storage units make moving easier

Storage units add flexibility to your moving routine. For instance, if you’re moving from your older house to the newer one, you need to pack all your stuff and take it with you. While it sounds extremely simple, it isn’t. Packing, transporting, unloading, and unpacking takes up a big burst of time and energy.

So, storage units in Cape Town offer a way out of the moving troubles and typical difficulties. You don’t have to work all the household stuff at once, and instead of transporting it all together, you can consider using a rental storage unit.

Rental storage units come in a variety of sizes and qualities. Some offer highly advanced theft security, while others resist natural disasters like thunderstorms and excessive rain. Here’s a little more about how moving can become easier with storage units.

How do storage units make moving easier?

For the past couple of years, over 40 million American families and citizens have been moving annually, where around 200 000 families move per year in South Africa.

The majority of that population struggles with carrying all the household items, appliances, and other stuff. Some people suggest that they may get a Supply Chain Management degree to pull off a task such as moving from one house to another.

But, here’s how storage units make moving easier:

Convenient scheduling/Safe storage

Storage units can be extremely handy when you have to move out of your current home, but your new house won’t be ready soon, such as an apartment. Surely, you can rest in a motel for a week or two or even find a friend to stay with for a couple of days. But you can’t keep all your household stuff with you everywhere you go.

Storage units solve that problem. You can easily fit in move-in your schedule by transporting all of your household stuff to the chosen storage units at once. When ready to move into your apartment or house, you can grab the stuff and transport it easily.


Storage units aren’t so expensive when talking to the right service provider. However, transporting all the household stuff isn’t that easy as well. You will have to unhinge and grab all the household stuff, pack it, and then get it ready for transportation. You may even have to rent multiple trucks and vehicles to take all the stuff with you. Plus, it can also involve multiple trips back and forth.

But, storage units will allow you to store all your household stuff at once. So, you can easily take the items you require and transport them as per your requirements without wasting additional costs.

Relieve pressure and tension

Once you don’t have to worry about your household stuff getting robbed or stolen after you put it into the storage unit during the move, you can pay attention to other activities. For instance, keeping an eye on the stuff means you’re not paying enough attention to your family, children, or pets. This could raise the chances of injuries and unexpected incidents.

Frequently asked questions

Are you still looking for more info? We’ve compiled a list of FAQs - check them out!

Can you rent a storage unit with a reliable company today?

Yes, you can rent a storage unit with a reliable company today by contacting its official customer support.

How much does it cost to rent a storage unit?

Storage units can cost anywhere from under $100/ZAR1500 per month to over $300/ZAR4500 per month, depending on the reliability and size of the storage unit you’re renting.

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