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SEO & Content Marketing Tips For Dental Practices

31 January 2022 | 0 comments | Posted by Joshua Byrne in Doctors Orders

Dental practice SEO guide

There is an increase in the number of Dentists becoming aware of the potential of dental SEO. To stay relevant and capture your area's dental needs, you'll likely require local SEO for dentists. At the same time, an overall SEO strategy would help your business and patients. If you're looking for SEO, you're likely looking to grow your dental practice. The last essential ingredient? Content marketing. Content marketing will turn your website into a well-oiled lead generation machine.

SEO for dentists aims to attract new patients, retain current patients, and turn potential leads into customers. A few crucial aspects play a vital role in getting your website's SEO, otherwise known as Search Engine Optimisation bringing in organic search traffic and clicks. Some of these are covered below and will certainly assist with getting new patients. However, a complete SEO strategy consists of much more. An SEO specialist will help you grow faster by analysing your website's needs.

Using Google Analytics To Track Your Website

Website tracking is a process of monitoring the activity of a website. This can be done manually or through the use of software tools. Google Analytics is a Google service that generates detailed statistics about the visitors to a website. Using a snippet of code provided by Google, websites can track visitors' activity. Including how long they stay on the site, what pages they visit, where they come from and how many people booked an appointment. This is used to track and improve your website, bringing in more patients.

Creating an SEO friendly website

Multiple aspects go into building an SEO friendly aspect. When constructing an SEO friendly website, it is vital to keep the following in mind:

  1. 1. You'll need to know your targeting, which heavily relates to the keywords you'll choose.
  2. Make sure your site is easily navigable and has a good user experience
  3. Include links to other related sites and acquire backlinks to your website.
  4. Optimise your site for search engines, making your website crawlable and indexable.
  5. Publish fresh content regularly, answering questions your patient would find exciting and engaging
  6. You'll need to engage in local SEO, the act of getting your website to rank and acquire clicks from local target markets. Understood as people searching for "dentist near me" or "dentist in cape town city" on Google.

Get your website indexed on Google.

If you want to ensure that Google indexes your website, you need to ensure that your website is search engine friendly. There are a few things that you can do to make sure that your website is search engine friendly. A simple method is adding a sitemap, a list of your website's URLs. Most WordPress websites have plugins that will auto-generate these for you. However, you'll need to know your way around Google Search Console. Your website will also have technical optimisation, such as the index tag for proper indexation on Google.

Keywords for dentists

Dentists should use keywords to target their advertising and improve their web presence. Keywords phrases are searches people use when searching for information online; they're used to improve the ranking of a website in the SERPs (search engine results pages). Your keywords are the specific words you target with commercial, informational or navigational intent directly related to dentists. You'll need keywords with a mixture of intent for different phases of the purchase funnel or lead acquisition funnel.

Link-building for the dental industry

Dental link building is an integral part of any online marketing strategy for dentists. By creating links to your website from other websites in your niche, you can improve your website's search engine ranking and increase traffic to your site. These are also referred to as backlinks, and Backlinks help Google understand the interrelatedness of their indexed content. A backlink is also considered a vouch of authority from one website to the other.

Local SEO for dentists

Local SEO is a fantastic place to start if you're a dentist looking to improve your online visibility. By optimising your website and your local listings in your city, you can make it easier for potential patients in your area to find you. A great way to do this is to build up your Google My Business profile. Here's a helpful tip, great reviews and an optimised profile play a significant role in your local performance.

Content marketing for dental practices

What is content marketing for dentists?

There are various types of content marketing, and creating a dental brand with content marketing is vital for SEO and overall online success. As a dental practice owner, I would focus on a few methods and do them incredibly well. Good starting points include blogs, FAQs, videos, and resource guides. By having your credentials as part of the medical industry, the Google algorithm favours credible content.

The benefits of content marketing for dentists

  • Content marketing is an effective way to attract new patients to dental practices.
  • Content marketing can help dentists educate their patients about dental care.
  • Content marketing can help dentists build relationships with their patients.
  • Content marketing can help dentists generate leads for their dental practice.

Dental practice website design for SEO & user experience

When it comes to design, it's important to remember that you only have a few seconds to capture your viewer's attention. So don't clutter your design with too much information - that will only confuse and repel people. Instead, focus on creating a clean, attractive design that communicates your message quickly and clearly.

  • Loading time is critical for search engine ranking, bounce rate, and user satisfaction. No one likes to wait, including Google.
  • Make your call to action and contact information stand out and easy to find, like "Book an appointment". People looking for a dentist want to schedule an appointment quickly, so make this process as seamless as possible. Easily visible and with clear messaging.
  • Text formatting can help you convey essential bits of information to your readers. So they can easily find the answers to their questions just by scanning the page.
  • Don't fill your document with needless visuals that add nothing to the reader's understanding. Images should be valuable and attractive, providing helpful information.
  • Familiar symbols can help people quickly orient themselves on a website, making every page easier to navigate. For example, using typical home, download, or phone icons can be very helpful.
  • Good navigation is key to a great website experience. If people can't find their way around, they'll bounce or leave your website without converting.

And that's it! You're ready to start your SEO journey and see the fantastic growth potential it has for your dentistry practice. If you need any help, don't hesitate to reach out to us to discuss how we can assist. Trail Digital specialises in helping dentists acquire new patients through SEO.

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