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6 Major Mistakes You Are Doing That Is Harming Your Teeth

27 January 2020 | 0 comments | Posted by Jessica Smith in Doctors Orders

Mistakes that harm your teeth

Taking decent care of our teeth and gums is pretty straightforward and easy. Brushing and flossing teeth twice a day without forgetting your gums. The next and vital step is to visit your dentist twice a year. Isn't there a nice rhythm to it? But there is more to it!

Well, one can agree at some point in our lives, our healthy practices were flawed. Some of us are already perfect in our oral hygiene – and some of us are making mistakes. Should you ignore these mistakes? No! Ignorance of mistakes in oral hygiene could lead to serious health issues. We have a curated list of 6 major mistakes you are doing in your oral hygiene.

Skipping brushing and flossing

Whenever we eat or drink something - the bacteria in our mouth react with food debris causing plaque. Plaque is the formation of thin-film over our tooth, which erodes enamel leading to tooth decay. So whenever you think about skipping brushing and flossing – you are causing tooth decay and gum diseases in your mouth.

The same goes for people with braces and anterior crowns. Without proper brushing and flossing habits – the decay reaches inside of the braces and crowns, which might result in tooth loss – or severe gum diseases.

Not taking care of gums

Gums are tissues surrounding our teeth – Many tend to ignore while performing oral hygiene. Ignorance could lead to gum diseases, which are a severe threat to the health of a person. The mildest form of gum diseases-gingivitis is silent and doesn't cause any discomfort.

Untreated gingivitis could lead to tooth loss, gum loss, and worst-case oral cancer. However, gum diseases are preventable and reversible too! Including your gums in your oral care is the first step. Clean up plaque on gums while brushing and flossing is an easy way to prevent gum diseases.

Avoiding your dentist

It's no good to avoid a dentist's appointment. Many don't understand that – mouth diseases including early decay, gum diseases, cancer, or pre-cancer are silent in early stages. There are no visible signs like pain or weird colouration that sounds like serious risk. In advance stages, diseases show up, and the conditions are untreatable!

Your dentist or dental professional knows the early warning signs of mouth diseases. They can treat you professionally and can avoid significant health risks. Whereas if there are no issues, you can always get teeth and gums clean to achieve a picture-perfect smile!

Consuming sugary drink

We all love sodas, juices, fizzy drinks, and energy drinks. Some of us might swear to sugary drinks! Mind it every sip in a day is leading you to dental issues. Most of the common beverages have loads of sugar in it. Sugar is the chief culprit behind tooth decay and other dental diseases.

Bacteria in our mouth react to sugar and produce acids. These acids damage your teeth, causing erosion leading to cavities. So it is essential to avoid beverages with high sugar content. Make a habit of drinking water or unsweetened drinks.

Not getting tartar removed by professionals

When plaque is left untreated from teeth – it hardens into tartar. We know how plaque forms on our teeth. A sometimes, plaque gets stuck into the cervices and bottom of teeth and turns into hard yellow film-tartar. No matter how good oral hygiene you have, you can't avoid the formation of tartar.

The best way to get rid of it is by visiting a dentist or a dental professional. Tartar left untreated could cause many dental issues like cavities, gingivitis, and bad breath. So look for the signs of tartar formation and get it removed as prevention from dental diseases.

Mistakes related to toothbrushes

Brushing teeth is a natural process. Yet the vital component of this process is a toothbrush. American Dental Association states mention that we make many mistakes with our toothbrushes.

  • Not replacing our toothbrush every three months. After some time, the bristles just flat out and don't give optimum cleaning.
  • Using a hard bristled brush. The soft one is better one as a hard bristle could wear down teeth and gums.
  • Covering brush with caps could boost bacteria – it is right that the brush air dries naturally.
  • Anyone is sharing brushes with others. Mouth diseases are highly transmissible. Anyone sharing brushes could also share unnecessary conditions with our loved ones.

Keeping those pearly whites

Oral hygiene is quite a simple task and is easily achievable. Many people are taking care of their oral health, ideally. Teeth are an indispensable part of our bodies as they help us to talk, eat, drink, and give shape to our faces.

They are also a core aspects of our confidence. So you need to take care of your mouths efficiently – to continue to smile with all those pearly whites.

About the author

Jessica Smith has been writing articles for e-business and e-lance sites for more than four years. Her educational background is Masters in English and journalism, which gives her a broad platform to write on a variety of topics with ease and efficiency. She is an independent writer especially enjoys writing on fashion and lifestyle.

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