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Where To Buy Vinyl Records Online in South Africa

03 January 2020 | 0 comments | Posted by Che Kohler in Extravaganza

South African vinyl record online stores

The distribution of music has changed over the past few years from the vinyl record to the cassette tape, then on to CDs and DVDs and later on to MP3 format which finally transitioned into the streaming of music once cloud services become affordable and the internet became faster and cheaper.

While more people are starting to enjoy the benefits of digitally hosted music, some still like to purchase and collect physical recordings of music. In recent years we've seen a resurgence in the interest in vinyl records with sales picking up year on year.

Why do people buy vinyl records?

The first reason why vinyl records are selling like hotcakes is not because of the growth in hipsters, but it relates to the sound. Analogue recordings deliver music that comes across as better, warmer, and more "real" than that of digital or CD audio formats.

While the second reason relates to aesthetics. Since vinyl has this inherent physical beauty and substance that is attractive to collectors.

A Vinyl offers physical storage that digital downloads (zero material presence) or CDs, which more closely resemble everyday office supplies cannot match. The look of vinyl is always synonymous with music.

Additionally there sentimentality that comes from playing vinyl record albums – the ritual of pulling a record out of its sleeve, carefully placing it on the turntable, and focusing full attention on the act of listening to music one side at a time.

Even if you still mostly listen to music on your smartphone or computer, vinyl gives you the option of elevating the experience with your favourite albums.

Buying vinyl records online in South Africa

If you're looking to purchase vinyl records to either start or grow your collection of music and don't want to import from outside the country just yet, then these local distributors and South African online stores may be right up your alley.

1. Echos Record Bar

Echos record bar is based in Brakpan but also provides online sales with nationwide delivery.

  • https://echosrecordbar.co.za/

2. Loot

One of South Africa's largest eCommerce retail stores loot has an extensive range of vinyl available for purchase with over 6000 titles to choose from which should be enough for any music lover to find a title or two.

  • https://www.loot.co.za/search?cat=iff&offset=0&/search?offset=0&formatcode%2Fae=on

3. Mr Vinyl

Mr Vinyl will assist you in finding the best in vinyl in South Africa. Select from 100s of titles that can all be delivered to your door. Mr Vinyl specialises in both new and second-hand records.

  • https://www.mrvinyl.co.za/

4. Music Source

Music source is a relatively new site which aims to provide South Africans with access to imported music on vinyl format.

  • https://musicsource.co.za/

5. Raru

Raru is another general online retailer based in South Africa that has decided to start selling vinyl records. It has a wide selection to source from that are available through their site however be prepared to wait with many of the products not available for 24-hour delivery and is ordered via suppliers.

  • https://raru.co.za/music/brand/799-vinyl-store

6. Record Mad

Record Mad buys records that are pre-owned & new, imported LPs & singles, and you can get music on both vinyl & cassettes.

  • https://recordmad.co.za/

7. Roastin' Records

Roastin' Records is home of excellent vinyl records in South Africa. Browse their range of vinyl that is continuously updated so check back often for new arrivals or let them know if the vinyl you want isn't in stock.

  • http://roastinrecords.com/

8. TakeAlot

South Africa's largest online store has a large variety when it comes to several categories, but vinyl could be the exception. While they have made some vinyl content available it, it's pretty desolate at the moment in terms of stock.

  • https://www.takealot.com/all?sort=BestSelling+Descending&custom=vinyl-front-section&filter=Available:true

9. Vinyl Cafe

Vinyl Cafe is an Independent online music and vinyl record store in Cape Town, South Africa. They buy, sell and trade anything vinyl and music-related.

  • https://www.vinylcafe.co.za/

10. Raucous Vinyl Shop

Raucous Vinyl Shop is a brand new addition to the South African eCommerce music scene and brings you exciting Imported Vinyl by order, for those on the alternative and heavier side of Music. Raucous Vinyl Shop also specializes in sourcing rare and collectable vinyl from around the world.

  • https://www.raucousvinylshop.co.za/

11. DJ Swap Shop

DJ swap shop sources new records every week and puts them up for sale. You can browse the titles you like and once you have selected your albums, email your order to back2wax@djswopshop.co.za so we can reserve them for you before someone else snaps them up.

  • https://djswopshop.co.za/b2w-list/

Have a hot tip?

If you know of any online stores selling vinyl records that are not on this list feel free to contact us with the details or add a comment below. We'll be sure to check it out, and if it all checks out, we'll add it to our growing list.

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Recommended reading

If you enjoyed this post and have a little extra time to dive deeper down the rabbit hole, why not check out the following posts about South African online stores.

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