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Cigar Etiquette: 10 Rules You Need To Know

The rules of cigar smoking

Elegance and luxury are just some of the words that come in mind when talking about Cuban cigars. They are the symbol of a gentleman that knows what premium taste is. But even though they are a delicious trait, there are some etiquette rules and tricks you should follow to enjoy them fully.

1. Don’t tell someone how to smoke their cigar

Let’s start from the basics and by that we mean mutual respect. There are many smoking styles and preferences, and you should respect all of them. Try to think of things that you would like to be told or advised and probably someone coming up to you and giving advice on how to enjoy your Cuban is not one of them. Credits: pixabay.com

2. Never store cigars in a refrigerator

There are many articles and “professional smokers” that advise you to use a refrigerator instead of a humidor. First of all, the low temperature will make the cigar lose its taste, and it will also go dry. Besides, inviting a friend for a cold cigar is purely gruesome, and you should better invest in a small humidor to properly take care of your delicious Cuban cigars.

3. Don’t keep your cigars too long outside

Premium cigars are a delight, but they are also quite sensitive to extreme temperatures and the outside atmosphere. They can stay out of the humidor for a rather short time before getting dry and tasteless. As a pro tip, once you receive your new cigars, please put them in the humidor a few days before smoking to restore their moisture and taste.

4. Don’t cut off too much cigar

Getting started in the cigar world can be a bit tricky. Cutting the cigar is not a difficult thing at all. You need to find the tip of the cigar and cut at the point where the curved surface meets the straight surface. Don’t be too aggressive and try to make a clean cut using a special cutter. This way, you will get a perfect cut that will make smoking a pleasure.

5. Don’t inhale your cigar

This may be one of the most critical tips in this list that will help you enjoy the aroma of the cigar and the experience itself. Many beginners treat cigars just like cigarettes, and they start inhaling. The cigar smoke should be taken into the mouth and kept on the tongue and palate to enjoy the flavours. The smoke is very strong, and it will give you quite a bad cough if you inhale it.

6. Don’t smoke too quickly

Unlike regular cigarettes, cigars can take from 20 minutes to 120 minutes or even more to smoke. If you know that you don’t have time to enjoy the whole cigar, it is better to wait for a better occasion. Rushing the cigar will only ruin the taste, and you will have an unpleasant smoking experience.

7. Watch your ashes

Don’t let the cigar smoke itself and don’t wait until you get centimetres of ash until cleaning it in an ashtray. This will lead to a modified taste of the cigar, and there is also the risk that you will make a mess with the ashes. As a pro tip, you can see a high-quality cigar thanks to its salt-and-pepper ashes.

8. Sharing is not always caring

Never cut your cigar in half to share. A cigar connoisseur will consider it blasphemy and for good reasons. The cigar should never be cut because the tobacco was purposely rolled that way to give you a certain aroma. Cutting it will ruin its shape and taste. If you want to share a cigar, better buy an extra one when you plan to smoke with your friends.

9. Don’t put a half-smoked cigar in your humidor

Humidors should always be clean so that the cigars can preserve the aroma. A smoked cigar releases a very strong bitter smell that will make all the cigars in the humidor smell and taste like that. If you want to keep a cigar for later, better leave it the ashtray.

10. Keep your cutter sanitary

This is more of a matter of self-respect. The cutter is a very important accessory, and if it is dirty, the cut will be harder, and you risk ruining a very good cigar because of laziness. Clean the cutter with a clean cloth after each use, and you should be fine. Store it in a less-humid place to avoid rust or staining.

The cigar etiquette is more a matter of respect and self-respect rather than a strict rule book. Try to think of the way you would want the cigar experience to be and what you would consider to be inappropriate and try to adapt your smoking behaviour based on that. This way, you will be able to enjoy the smoking experience given by these wonderful treats fully.

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