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Pet Blogs Accepting Guest Posts

07 April 2020 | 9 comments | Posted by Che Kohler in Fur, Fins & Feathers

Pet blogs accepting guest posts

If you adore animals and have aspirations of being a pet blogger or you have a pet-related business and want to grow your sites influencer you will need to create awareness and build authority in your niche. One way to achieve this would become a guest author and feature on other sites in the pet niche. This way, you can reach out to like-minded individuals and tap into their audiences to create brand awareness and establish credibility for yourself.

Becoming a published guest blogger will expand your business, attract new readers to your site and build your social proof as well as SEO. We encourage you to use this opportunity not only to build links to your site but to network with other bloggers, make new connections, create valuable content and discussions, add to your expertise and develop your confidence in the blogging. That way you come across as more authentic, and you'll have a better chance of sites being open to featuring you, instead of being a 'link beggar".

We know its tough to find the right opportunities when it comes to outreach, so to get you started, we have compiled a list of sites for you to choose from to submit your pet-related guest posts.

1. nichemarket

nichemarket is South African small business hub looking to support startups and SMEs in a range of niches, including pets. We're always looking for pet experts to share their knowledge with our growing audience. If your article is accepted, it will be hosted in our Fur, Fins and Feathers section.

2. 3 Boys and a dog

3 Boys and a dog is a personal blog run by a Mom, Kelli, who lives in a small town on the coast of Southern Alabama and she writes about everything from homemaking and child care to pet ownership. 

To submit a guest post please find the guidelines here: https://3boysandadog.com/now-accepting-guest-posts

3. 3 Million Dogs

3 Million Dogs is a pet blog owned by a Pool House Property Canada and is stocked with hundreds of posts from staff writers as well as guest contributors. 

Visit their site: https://3milliondogs.com/

4. All Our Paws

Is a pet blog for all kinds of pet ownership and not just your traditional pets which is great if you're keen to submit product review and pet care tips for various animals and species. 

View their submission guidelines: http://allourpaws.com/contribute/

5. Best Pets

Best Pets is a blog run by a blogger Willie Mays and intended share all things about cats and dogs as well as other pets to help her be better pet parents and help her pets live happier and healthier lives.

You can find submission guidelines here: http://www.bestpets.co/write-for-us/

6. Dog Gates Guide

Created by David Rumours an animal behaviourist and a dog trainer with six years’ work experience. he started this blog because I would like to share my knowledge, observations and experiences.

You can find submission guidelines here: http://doggatesguide.com/write-for-us/

7. Dogs naturally

At Dogs Naturally, they want the world to be a safer place for dogs. Their holistic vets and experts help you give your dog the life he deserves and is all bout life free of chemicals, drugs, processed foods and unnecessary vaccines.

You can find submission guidelines here: https://www.dogsnaturallymagazine.com/contribute/

8. Entirely pets

EntirelyPets is the leader in online pet supplies and non-prescription pet medications. With a veterinarian operating on-site, we are able to provide you with a wide selection of pet products at unbeatable prices and excellent customer service.

You can find submission guidelines here: https://www.entirelypets.com/guest-blogger.html

9. Go Pet friendly

Go pet friendly is a US-based site that can assist you in finding pet-friendly hotels, restaurants, and more!

You can find submission guidelines here: https://blog.gopetfriendly.com/guest-posting/

10. Heads up for tails 

Heads up for tails is an Indian eCommerce site specialising in pet products and aims to create and curate innovative products and services that bring joy to pets and their families, one home at a time

You can find submission guidelines here: https://blogs.headsupfortails.com/write-for-us/

11. Little dog tips

Little Dog Tips is run by Lindsay Pevny, a pet owner and dog mom that has a passion for research and wants to share her findings with the world as well as learning from other pet owners. 

You can find submission guidelines here: https://littledogtips.com/guest-posts-write-for-us/

12. My petzilla

Mypetzilla is the UK's leading Pets Classified site, offering a completely free buy, sell and adopt service for all of our users.

You can find submission guidelines here: https://www.mypetzilla.co.uk/guest-posts

13. Paw curious 

Paw Curious is run by Dr Jessica Vogelsang, who is one of the most widely read veterinarians on the web. A graduate of the prestigious UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine with experience in both emergency and general practice.

You can find submission guidelines here: https://pawcurious.com/contact/

14. Pet dog planet

Created by Josh Cobbe Pet dog planet shares real experience on this blog by the founder and staff writers. The main purpose of this blog is to help people that they can take care of their dogs properly and can keep their dog healthy and happy.

You can find submission guidelines here: https://www.petdogplanet.com/write-for-us/

15. Pet files

Pet files is a blog on dog + cat health, care, nutrition, products for your pet

You can find submission guidelines here: http://www.pet-files.com/write-for-us/

16. Pet food online

PFO aims at spreading the importance of pet health and care in today’s time and keep our pet lovers informed about the latest pet industry trends, healthy pet food products, health tips and more.

You can find submission guidelines here: https://petfoodonline.org/pet-write-for-us/

17. Petful

At Petful was founded by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and editor Dave Baker, who is on a mission to give our readers the best, most accurate information to help their pets live happier, healthier lives.

You can find submission guidelines here: https://www.petful.com/write-for-us/

18. Pet Rescue Blog

Pet Rescue Blog is designed to help promote knowledge of the pet hobby. They provide loads of helpful content on pet ownership and have also host a guest contributor section on their site where you can apply as a featured author.

You can find submission guidelines here: https://www.petrescueblog.com/write-for-us/

19. Schnauzer rule

Founded in 2008 by Miniature Schnauzer owner and enthusiast, dog lover and trainer - Athena, who wanted to provide other Miniature Schnauzer lovers with a one-stop site for all their Schnauzer needs.

You can find submission guidelines here: https://www.schnauzers-rule.com/submission-guidelines.html

20. Wag the dog UK

Created by inspiration of Maggie a ten-year-old Beagle. The blog was started in February 2012 to share with dog lovers some great stories, tips, and a few recipes too. Thanks for visiting and learning a little about us!

You can find submission guidelines here: https://www.wagthedoguk.com/2012/10/04/guest-blogging-guidelines/

21. Woof dog

Woof Dog is a pet blog that specialises in writing about proper dog health, raw feeding diets, and all sorts of dog products like doggy treats, grooming tools, and others.

You can find submission guidelines here: https://woofdog.org/write-for-us/

22. You doo pets

You doo pets is a community pet blog where contributors can share their stories, tips and advice on being a pet owner.

You can find submission guidelines here: https://www.youdoopets.com/submit-guest-post-pets-blog/

23. Your pet space

Is not your average pet blog and takes things to infinity and beyond when it comes to searching for stories about pets and aims to take being a pet owner to new frontiers.

You can find submission guidelines here: https://www.yourpetspace.info/submission-guidelines/

24. The pet worshiper

The pet worshiper is run by Pete a Hungarian animal lover who has turned his love for pets into a blog and shares all sorts of interesting insights around pet ownership and animal care.

You can find their site here: https://petworshiper.com/

Bonus tip! Blog syndication

You can also syndicate your blog posts on self-publication sites like tdPet or use it as your primary blog if you do not have a website. dPet is a blockchain-based social media

Visit dPet: http://www.dpet.io/

Prove you're a pet expert

Guest blogging is not easy, which is why it can be such a powerful marketing tool, going where your competitors don't is a great way to differentiate yourself. Also, the network effects of growing your reach can't be understated. They can lead to opportunities you didn't even think of, so if you're planning to build a long-standing business or becoming an authority in the pet ownership space, you best start looking at featuring on these websites and more.

Find pet experts with nichemarket

If you need expert advice on pet-related queries, then check out pet retail businesses currently listed with us.

List your pet-related business for FREE

Create your free business listing on nichemarket. The more information you provide about your business, the easier it will be for your customers to find you online.

Registering with nichemarket is easy; all you will need to do is head over to our sign up form and follow the instructions. If you require a more detailed guide on how to create your profile or your listing, then we highly recommend you check out the following articles.

Recommended reading

If you enjoyed this post and have time to spare why not check out these related posts and dive deeper down the rabbit hole that is the pet ownership.

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