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Using Cannabis Oil for Dogs

Using Cannabis Oil for Dogs

Cannabis has recently become a worldwide sensation for all the right reasons. Currently, its usage is going beyond the human population. A recent report indicated that a significant number of veterinarians are prescribing cannabis products to dogs.

According to a survey carried out in one particular college, 53.6% of veterinary students agreed that cannabis could be therapeutic to animals. Soon after those results came out, statistics indicated that the value of the marijuana pet industry is going to grow to a whopping $1.16 billion by 2022. So how is cannabis useful to dogs?

How cannabis works in dogs

Marijuana works similarly for both humans and dogs. After consumption, it enters the bloodstream and transports to the core organs. There it works with the endocannabinoid system and the nerve system to enhance the dog's health. You should also note that when talking about CBD for dogs, there is the CBD oil and the cannabis that comes with THC a psychoactive compound.

When using marijuana compounds with THC, you should take caution on the dosage to avoid any problems. CBD oil, on the other hand, is safer. It is imperative that you also try pretty much the best cannabis seeds ever for your dog as it's as effective as CBD oil.

Benefits of cannabis in dogs

There are many ways dogs can benefit from consuming cannabis. For instance, an Australian veterinary practice reported that cannabis decreased the mammary tumour of a Terrier dog. They stated that it happened three months after prescribing cannabis to the pet.

That is only one of the many veterinarians who can attest that cannabis usage for dogs yields tremendous results. Below is a list of conditions that cannabis oil can treat in dogs.

Cannabis can alleviate pain in dogs

The ability of cannabis oil to manage pain in dogs is outstanding. Marijuana works with the dog's endocannabinoid system to increase the levels of anandamide hormone. The spike leads to a dampening effect, preventing the dog's brain from registering the pain. Most vets prefer cannabis for pain treatment because it works faster than other medications. With cannabis products like budget buds, your dog ends up finding relief from muscle and joint pains, like arthritis.

Veterinarians can make such a prescription to older dogs whose weak joints experience excruciating pain during movement.

Cannabis oil can minimize inflammation

The oil can also help in reducing inflammation in dogs. That is because it works with the dog's nerve system to activate the CB1 and CB2 receptors. It then uses its anti-inflammatory effects to reduce the inflammation. You thus find your dog improving within a short period.

The anti-inflammatory characteristics of cannabis oil can also help treat conditions such as arthritis and bowel disease.

Cannabis oil can decrease or stop tumour growth

As mentioned above, cannabis oil helped reduce a tumour in a dog's mammary glands after three months of usage. That's possible because it creates an environment that is unconducive for the growth of tumours. Studies also state that marijuana can encourage cancerous cells to, in effect, commit suicide, and by doing so, the dog goes into remission.

The good news is that unlike other cancer treatments, cannabis oil doesn't bring side effects. That means your dog will not vomit, experience diarrhoea, or lose appetite. Additionally, a cannabinoid called CBD in cannabis can help the dog increase its appetite. It thus ends up growing stronger after remission.

Cannabis oil can help treat anxiety in dogs

Just like humans, dogs also experience stress and anxiety. Signs that your dog has anxiety include chewing items, tremors, and aggression. Cannabis oil can help treat the condition by working with the dog's nervous system.

It activates the brain receptors and instructs them to balance the levels of serotonin hormones. Once that happens, your dog is going to have relief from anxiety.

Cannabis oil can help with nausea

Most dogs experience nausea as a result of ingesting toxic substances found in the likes of the garbage. You should, however, note that nausea can also be due to pancreatitis and kidney failure, among other conditions. CBD lengthens the effects of CB1 neurons in dogs, thus preventing constant nausea. It can also prevent continuous vomiting.

Cannabis doses

When using cannabis oils for dogs, you should keep in mind that their doses are a bit smaller than that of humans. That means that you need to start with at least 0.25 milligrams for a 5-pound dog. If you are unsure, seek medical advice from your veterinarian. Also, note that the effects will not kick in until after an hour or more. That usually depends on the purity of your cannabis oil.

From the information above, it is evident that marijuana is useful to dogs. With the right dosage, the compound can treat various conditions, including pain, inflammation, appetite and most remarkable of all, it can help slow tumour growth. These are the reasons why many dog owners and veterinarians are turning to the compound instead of conventional dog medications.

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