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How To Fix A Magic Mouse Not Turning On

25 June 2020 | 0 comments | Posted by Che Kohler in Geek Chic

Fix apple magic mouse switching off

If you're anything like me and you've discovered the clean movement and precision clicking of a magic mouse you'll know that you cannot go back to the trackpad and leaning over your Macbook. If you're on a desktop, well hen it's even worse. You're pretty much left frustrated fiddling with your Magic Mouse trying to get it to turn on, sometimes a little on and off works, other times a little forceful tap my do the trick, but these actions don't always remedy the problem for very long.

If you're in search of a more permanent solution for getting your magic mouse to work as well as it did when you first got it, then check out these fixes that may bring the magic back to your Apple Mouse.

1. Change or charge of batteries

This first tip may seem like a no brainer, but it's always important to rule out the most apparent issues first, and naturally, batteries would be the first palace to look if your Magic Mouse is not turning on. Since the Magic Mouse houses a pair of AA batteries, and depending on the use, you could burn out one of the cells earlier than others. If one of the batteries are out of commission even if the other is still has a decent charge you may see your mouse not turn on.

Try replacing both batteries with a brand new set or give your rechargeable AA batteries a reasonable charge before trying to slot them back in and testing your mouse.

2. Short charge

A magic mouse may take some wear and tear over the years and so too the connections when taking out a battery or charging batteries over the years. Check the batteries, and if the pressure to set the two is not as firm as it once was as the springs in the magic mouse weaken you may lose charge.

In this case, you will need to make up for the shortfall by folding a bit of foil and slotting it at the end you feel needs it most, or both and try and establish a better battery connection where they sit firmly between the positive and negative points and can provide a charge for the mouse.

3. Too much movement

As in my previous mention, the springs or the casing or swelling of batteries could damage the housing of your magic mouse. This space provides additional room for the batteries to move around and not sit flush with the positive and negative points.

If you find that your magic mouse casing has too much wiggle room for batteries, you can try to sure up the housing. Take a piece of paper and fold it as many times as needed and slot it between the two batteries to ensure that they sit tightly.

If the issue is not between the two batteries and it has to do with the magic mouse removable cover, then slot a piece of paper over the batteries before sliding on the cover to keep your batteries firmly in place.

4. Cleaning your magic mouse

Over time the magic mouse battery housing can build up with dirt and grime, which can affect the batteries connection with the mouses positive and negative housing. Remove your batteries and check the connectors for dirt and grime and if you see some.

If you find a dirty connector, then try using a cotton bud or better yet and earbud, dip it in white vinegar and clear out both connections both positive and negative. Once clean, dry off the remaining vinegar with a paper towel or allow to dry for a bit before slotting in your batteries and that should improve the connection and give you back your magic mouse use.

Bring back the magic

A magic mouse is a dream when it's working but a complete nightmare when it's starting to act up. Simply because you know how good the experience of using one is and how much more you can get by being more efficient with your interactions, especially when doing designs or more intricate work on your Apple device.

We hope these tips help you get your magic mouse back on track and you can get back to doing what you do best.

Share the magic

Have you have had trouble with your magic mouse in the past, how did you fix it? Did any of these tips work for you? Are there any tips you feel should be added to this list? Please let us know in the comments below and share the magic with us.

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