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Augmented Reality vs Virtual Reality: A Comparison

28 November 2019 | 0 comments | Posted by Kym in Geek Chic

Virtual Reality Vs Augmented Reality Applications

Although Virtual Reality was the first hyped up innovation that was recently released a few years back, now there’s an innovation that people are getting excited about, Augmented Reality. AR adds virtual components to the current live view with the use of cameras built-in on a mobile device such as smartphones or tablets.

Humans are now approaching a new decade, and we can’t look further into the future without looking back to where it all began, especially the technological advancement of Virtual and Augmented Reality. There’s a significant resemblance between both technologies.

However, we are going to discuss how Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality differ from one another.

Defining virtual reality

In more technical terms, Virtual Reality is the use of the latest computer technology to construct a simulation of the environment. Virtual Reality places the user within the simulated environment to produce a real-life experience that stimulates the primary senses such as vision, touch, hearing, and sometimes smell.

Virtual Reality is the most established and most known technology that provides an immersive experience. When the innovation was in its early stages, the gaming industry immediately adopted its technology. Moreover, VR applications recently provided its use in numerous industries such as fashion, construction, engineering, sports, and education.

Defining augmented reality

The innovation of Augmented Reality was always perceived as a type of technology from the future, yet it’s already been around for a few years now. The technology started with basic applications such as an automotive heads-up display that would display various information like the speed of the vehicle, the RPMs, the tire pressure, and many more.

The possible applications for Augmented Reality go beyond the gaming industry such as healthcare, automotive, and aviation. Real-world use of Augmented Reality’s technology is currently limited to giving an additional layer of information with the help of electronics such as smart lenses, AR glasses, and heads-up displays.

How augmented reality differs from virtual reality

When it comes to comparing Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, people don’t see much of a difference between the two as the technologies are applied and represented in the same way. However, both of these innovations have differences as much as they have similarities, and both are discussed in a generalized manner.

Similarities in technology

The similarities of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality regarding technology, both have the same core programming which is applied to modern automation and machinery. Both AR and VR serve the same purpose to its users, and that they deliver an improved experience overall.

Similarities in entertainment

A few years back, people still considered that applying virtual or augmented Reality to modern entertainment innovations is only something out of someone’s imagination. However, in recent years, what the people called “a figment of your imagination,” became a reality as AR and VR were applied to entertainment such as movies, games, therapies, and so much more.

Similarities in science and medicine

Both Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality have marvellous potential when it comes to applications to modern medicine and science as well as the healthcare industry. Both of these technologies have the potential to change the field of medicine and science by making something impossible happen, such as remote surgeries.

The difference in its purpose

From the perspective of the untrained eye, both Virtual and Augmented Reality looks the same as people can see it being applied similarly to modern technologies. However, it’s not all true as both technologies are used differently in various departments.

For instance, Virtual Reality is a technology that is wholly driven and generated by computers to construct a virtual world for users to experience. On the other hand, AR uses Virtual Reality as its base as the technology only adds virtual elements to an already established virtual world, in which it creates an immersive experience to the user.

The difference in the delivery method

The difference between Virtual Reality development and Augmented Reality is that AR is developed to be used in almost every digital device such as tablets, laptops, and smartphones, and many more as long as it has a camera for the program to use.

However, Virtual Reality is something different because the users would need a specific range of devices that are purposely designed and built for Virtual Reality programming to enter the virtual world.

Augmented and virtual reality’s future

We are now approaching a new decade, which means there’s going to be a new decade of innovations and a new decade of inventions. However, when it comes to AR and VR, it is foreseen that both of these technologies would be applied in numerous ways in the next five years as its capabilities may converge over time.

For now, the future of AR and VR technology falls in the travel industry as it can give the users a more enhanced experience when it comes to travelling. This is all because people nowadays are buying to get an immersive experience rather than the product itself in the form of virtual tours.


Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are different in some aspects. However, both of these technological advancements are completely similar as they aren’t always independently used because they must function together.

Moreover, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality both create ways to perceive a captivating new virtual world for the user to immerse themselves in. Depending on the type of programming done to the system, users can immerse themselves in a new world where they can be anyone they want to be, or anywhere they want to be in the world or beyond.

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