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How Blockchain Technology Can Change The Face of VoIP

23 January 2020 | 0 comments | Posted by Nishita Jain in Geek Chic

Blockchain changes how voip works

Blockchain is the newest technology that’s making waves. One of the areas where blockchain has emerged as one of the most potent tools is cryptocurrency. By using the blockchain, transactions can be made with bitcoins or any other cryptocurrency and can be recorded chronologically and publicly without any hassles. Though most of the people are associated with Bitcoins, its penetration is way beyond cryptocurrency.

There are many areas where its implementation can change the way things used to happen in a particular ecosystem. By using this technology, various businesses can enjoy reduced operational costs and streamline things without going the extra mile. Every industry where transactions are happening can be benefited directly with this technology.

If you’re using a VoIP phone service and want to enjoy exceptional service, you must consider a potential means to achieve it. Wondering how it’s going to happen? Let’s have a look.

Blockchain - Improved authentication

While you’re using the virtual phone system as key business communication, you’re sending/exchanging files, data text, screen, audios/videos, and much more crucial business information over a network. Though doing so is essential, it can pose a significant safety hazard for your data. Many cases, with VoIP poorly secured, have come into the limelight where businesses have fallen into the nippers of some or other cybercrime.

Using blockchain technology, you can easily add military-grade encryption to all data transferring processes. You can extend its reach to text, video, and voice data transferred. By adding such type of authentication, you can be sure that your data is always safe while using the blockchain-enabled VoIP phone service.

As you will have multipoint control units, you can enjoy the same sort of robust authentication, whether you’re using a mobile app, web-based software, or downloaded software of your VoIP phone system interface.

Time-stamped transactions

In blockchain technology, all the transactions are recorded based on chronological order. This means that each transaction will come with a time-stamp. If you’re using VoIP phone number as the critical business tool and making payments while having it as a base number, then this time-stamped transaction blocks can help you a lot.

You need not dig deep into the lengthy ledgers to find a particular transaction. Just enter the time details, and you will have all the details over a single click. Hence, you can find out which transaction was made when over a single click. As time-stamping will be happening automatically, there are chances that you’ll witness errors. Managing VoIP transactions will be easy, data-driven, and stress-free once you deploy blockchain technology for VoIP transactions.

Better call privacy

Call privacy always remains a chief concern while you’re using a VoIP phone number. There are many countries where privacy over communication is still a migraine. The implementation of blockchain has curbed this issue precisely. Many VoIP service providers have already made the initiative in this direction.

For example, CallHippo, the leading VoIP service provider, claims to offer high-grade privacy as its main feature. With this service provider, you get impeccable phone number substitution/masking, logging absence, and high-grade security encryption as base call privacy facilities.

Then we have Encryptotel, the leading VoIP and business-to-business Blockchain infrastructure provider that owns a man-in-the-middle (MITM) attack–resistant encryption protocol. Using the protocol, you can reduce the risk of MITM attacks and make communication happening on the virtual mobile phone number more private.

The better and advanced VoIP implementation model

One other area where blockchain has improved VoIP is its implementation. Using it in VoIP phone number implementation, one advanced and decentralized ENUM VoIP protocol version has come into the public’s eye.

This protocol is known as ENUMER and is based on the Emercoin Blockchain. By understanding this protocol, you can easily understand how Blockchain security and architecture are influencing, altering, and advancing VoIP.

For example:

  • The use of pure decentralization in VoIP implementation can easily enhance the network’s credibility independent from the company’s credibility.
  • You also get the infinite scalability facility based on the Emercoin peer network.
  • As this protocol supports local processing, quick ENUM resolution is possible and easy.

A decentralized VoIP phone system implementation lends itself automatically to the ecosystem where security is the prime concern. Though the decentralized VoIP implementation model sounds excellent and beneficial, it comes with its own set of issues while it uses public infrastructure.

The advanced ENUMER implementation model using blockchain has proposed a verifier concept that has been designed to protect communication happening for record creating or just plain squatting over other VoIP phone numbers.

The final call

The implementation of blockchain has empowered VoIP’s security, privacy, and implementation. Blockchain-supported VoIP solutions are likely to yield more advanced and beneficial solutions. It has changed the offerings of VoIP as well. Though it’s still not that prominent in the VoIP industry, we hope more & more VoIP service providers understand its worth and integrate it into their service.

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