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How PWA Can Prove To Be Advantageous For Your Business

How PWAs improve your business

The Internet has been playing a vital role in everyone’s lives for a couple of decades now. Even businesses have taken a step in this direction to reach out to their customers through their websites.

Among all the Internet resources, smartphones have brought a revolution in the business world. Therefore, now is the time to wake up to the coming wave of ‘mobile web’. Moreover, the majority of internet traffic comes through mobile devices.

Native applications have been existing for years now in making your presence popular in mobile devices. However, the trend is changing with the increased use of progressive web apps taking over the web.

What is Progressive Web Application (PWA)?

A web application that utilizes the modern web abilities to provide an app-like experience to users is known as a Progress Web App (PWA).

These applications are designed to meet specific requirements. You can deploy them to servers, access through URLs, and search engines index them. They enhance your user experience through their outstanding features.

How do PWAs work?

You can install a Progressive Web Application on your system, and it will work offline when there is no internet connection.

It leverages the data cached during your last interactions with the app. Developers can explore in the direction of PWA to provide user-friendly app experiences to users.

It enables you to have the ease of programming a website, thereby giving a look and feel of an application.

PWAs are considered as responsive websites, and they rely on the user’s browsing capabilities. They can gradually improve their built-in features automatically to give you a look and feel of a native app.

Why opt for PWA over Native Apps?

Native apps have their own benefits, but they come with a lot of limitations.

They are as listed below.

Native apps need mandatory access to the network to connect to the web.

  1. They cannot send push notifications.
  2. They are required to be downloaded from the Play Store or App Store and also occupy space.
  3. One of the biggest limitations is that they need to have approval from the stores through a difficult process.
  4. Moreover, the coding of a native app is complex, which makes it hard for all developers to build it. Only a few can do so.

On the contrary, PWAs overcome all the limitations of native apps in terms of space, speed, user-interactions, and capability to perform offline.

Progressive Web Applications have entirely changed the way we use the web. The capability of performing offline, yet using all the functions of native apps make them more preferable when you need to make a choice.

Benefits of PWA for your business

1. The offline mode

In this era of the technological revolution, it isn't easy to function smoothly without proper Internet connectivity.

Even when your network signals are weak, you do not get the accurate results of your websites, or they do not load completely.

However, when you have a Progressive Web App, you do not need to worry about the Internet connection.

It has the feature of working offline, and you get your desired results even when there is no or poor network. Moreover, you can make the desired changes, and they will automatically be saved.

You can easily create an offline page if you have your business logo. Also, if your business requires a catalogue, then your customers can view your products in the offline mode.

2. Gives an App-like experience

According to a survey, there were 2.8 million applications in the Google Play Store and 2.2 million apps in Apple’s App Store.

Each of these apps claims to change people’s lives, but often, users are reluctant to download them with the fear of losing storage space on mobile devices.

PWA comes with the best solution for all users. You do not need to download them, and the app instantly loads on the home screen.

They can perform online, and therefore, they can accomplish users’ requirements when accessed.

3. Efficient & cost-effective

As mentioned earlier, you can directly download PWA to your mobile device as an app icon. It uses less space compared to native applications, which is the biggest benefit. As a result, it enhances the performance of your smartphone.

When you select PWA over the native version of the same application, you consume fewer data. Additionally, PWA enhances the performance of your smartphones without losing the functionality of the native version.

PWAs are highly in demand and are accessible without losing the mobile device’s valuable data or memory.

4. Cross-platform support

How will you feel if you can use an app on your laptop and then switch to the smartphone without losing its functionality? Isn’t it wonderful?

Yes, with PWA, you can work on your PC and then can continue using it on your mobile device when you are out.

From the above instance, it is clear that a Progressive Web App gives you cross-platform support. It means that you can use PWA from any device.

5. No Download & installing time

In comparison with other apps, PWAs do not need a lot of downloads and install time. Even you do not need to visit Google Play Store, or Apple’s App Store to download these applications.

You can directly download them to your mobile device. It is because these applications do not need any submission in any app store (Google Play Store or Apple App Store).

You can download them through the links, which also makes sharing easier. For this purpose, you only need to share these links on several social media platforms that allow installing the app without downloading from the app stores.

6. Maximizes the reach

With the increased smartphones in the market, mobile web users have also increased over a couple of years.

With the help of PWAs, you can reach maximum users on various platforms in less time. Additionally, you do not need to put more efforts in developing these applications.

In this era of increased competition, if you have a Progressive Web App for your business, you are at an added advantage to reach your potential customers in less time.

Wrapping up

In the cutting-edge competition in today’s time, businesses need to work smart. Web applications have come a long way in aiding this competition.

Moreover, emerging technologies have tremendously enhanced these mobile apps. Therefore, entrepreneurs are left with no choice when it comes to having their business app.

Progressive Web Apps are rapidly emerging as the vital architecture to build applications that link the gap between web and mobile. Businesses can reap benefits from these PWA apps, as they increase the development speed, decrease costs, and simplify the user experience.

About the author

Harikrishna Kundariya, a marketer, developer, IoT, ChatBot & Blockchain savvy, designer, co-founder, Director of eSparkBiz Technologies, A Mobile App Development Company. His 8+ experience enables him to provide digital solutions to new start-ups based on IoT and ChatBot.

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