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7 Safety Tips and Precautions While Riding a Hoverboard

05 July 2019 | 6 comments | Posted by Ronald Ross in Geek Chic

Safety tips when using a hoverboard

Hoverboarding has been a goal many of us have hoped to achieve ever since the smash hit back to the future aired back in the '80s. While we're not yet close to levigating off the ground we do now have the option to ride around on a two-wheeled board now dubbed the hoverboard. 

While riding around on a board with no handle or steering wheel sounds like tonnes of fun, the learning curve isn't easy for everyone. It requires the ability to hold your balance and shift your weight at the right times and at the correct depth to get the board to travel the way you want it to go. If you're first-time hoverboard rider the techniques may not come to you naturally, and you will need to take it slow along with a series of practice rounds. 

If you're keen to get started but want to avoid chipping a tooth or grazing an elbow, then we recommend you check out some tips and precautions for beginner hoverboarders.

1.Curb your excitement

It's obvious, its a freaking hoverboard man, the 11-year-old in you or the 11-year old that you are, has every right to be super excited to take this bad boy for a test drive.

But for beginners not to end up hoverboarding on their head you'll need to curb that excitement. Take it slow and learn to feel comfortable moving forward and backwards and learning how to stop, once you've mastered the basics, you can start to try to speed things up. Another important factor in avoiding the big bailout in the side street is to work on having a proper stance with the ideal weight managing posture.

Once you're able to move from the front to back with ease, you can move on to taking your left and right turns. This will help you come to terms with your hoverboards turn radius and help you avoid unexpected turns too quickly.

2. Avoid abuse 

The next precaution is a no-brainer, but I suppose some people need to be told the obvious. It's natural to crash and bump into during learning phase by the beginners, but hoverboards are sensitive and cannot tolerate multiple bumps and crashes. If you're going to abuse your device, it will start to act up over time and even lead to battery volatility and the possibility of setting alight.

3. The name 'Hoverboard' is itself ambiguous.

A hoverboard is purely designed for the travelling and gliding short distances while maintaining contact with the ground whereas, the word 'hover' implies the meaning - 'remaining in the air' which is misleading for beginners. There is still friction from the wheels and any debris in your way will affect your balance, while you may be suspended slightly off the ground, your hoverboard still has to deal with it.

4. A hoverboard is not a skateboard

Be gentle while handling your hoverboard as it is purely intended to drift evenly on a smooth surface like any other personal vehicular transportation. Trying tricks with it may be fatal because they are not skateboards, which are usually light and differently designed for different purposes as well. Dropping down a flight of staircase, taking spiral turns in the air or stunting with the hoverboard in any other way can be dangerous. Don’t confuse a hoverboard with a skateboard. 

5. Make sure you obey the law

A hoverboard is seen as a personal transportation device but shouldn't be used on open roads or highways. In countries like USA, UK, etc. where we see the rise of hoverboarders laws is being put in place to make it illegal use hoverboards on certain roads or public areas. If you want to avoid hefty fines make sure to use your hoverboard in residential roads, on sidewalks or in lanes designated for personal transport like bicycles. 

6. Use safety gear

Like bike riding or skateboarding; it is strongly recommended to use a helmet, knee pads and elbow pads for ensuring your safety. Hence, safety gear is a must! As a hoverboard user, you are still at the mercy of any battery or motor malfunction which cannot be predicted or accounted for, which is why it is important to take various safety precautions.

7. Practice again and again before hitting out roads

Regular focused practising will improve your hoverboarding skills just like practising the snare drums will enhance your drumming skills.

There are particular small habits you will need to learn that only come after regular practice, like looking around while riding, looking straight ahead, stepping back to get off, stepping in the middle without hunched knees and most learning a more controlled comprehensive stance that helps to focus on your core and centre of gravity for improved balance. 

Learning to hoverboard with confidence and skill is not a one-day task and will take time for everyone to master! But it's worth putting in the time if you enjoy spending time outdoors. Hoverboarding can be real fun if practised regularly.

It can be a great bit of fun travelling and showing off to your neighbours! So ride safely and most importantly enjoy yourself!

About the author

Ronald likes to try out new things, be it any musical instruments, travelling to new places or hoverboards. He writes about musical instruments in his blog LoudBeats.

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