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Steps To Take If a Car Hit You as A Pedestrian

24 May 2022 | 0 comments | Posted by Jessica Smith in Get Court

Pedestrian injury tips

Pedestrian fatalities make up at least 22% of road traffic deaths every year. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration records that over 6,000 pedestrians lost their lives due to traffic accidents in 2018. Sadly, you may be left with permanent injuries even if you survive such a tragedy.

Experts recommend staying safe as you use the streets, and many people follow these instructions. However, it's crucial to note that pedestrian accidents can happen at any time and place on the road. That's why it helps to be prepared.

So what should you do next if you're a victim of such an unfortunate event? Keep reading to find out.

What happens to your body after a vehicle collision?

Car accidents leave over two million individuals badly injured every year. The vehicle's impact leaves your body overwhelmed, which results in severe injuries like:

  1. Back and spinal cord trauma
  2. Broken bones
  3. Head and neck trauma
  4. Brain injuries
  5. Burns

Surprisingly, you may not feel pain immediately because of the release of adrenaline after the hit. Adrenaline is a particular hormone that your body releases in times of stress.

It prepares your body for a fight or flight reaction by increasing your energy levels and making you more aware of what has happened. However, the pain will soon follow as the adrenaline wears off.

Though it might be easy to downplay the event due to the painlessness, it helps to seek medical attention quickly as any delay will worsen things.

What you should do after a vehicle hits you as a pedestrian

Things happen fast after a pedestrian accident. Some victims can't think straight due to shock and put themselves into even more severe danger by making the wrong moves. Here's what you should always do after such an event to be on the safe side and get the help you need faster:

Stay calm and check for injuries

The first ideal thing to do is remain calm and check if you've been injured. The severity and pain will depend on the car's speed and point of impact. Many people get so shaken up after an accident that they can't think straight, making it hard to assess the situation.

Others experience a mixture of emotions, mostly anger and frustration, and take it on the driver and other motorists. This will make you feel angrier than you already do, but it'll weaken you.

It might seem impossible to achieve, but close your eyes and take a deep breath. Shut yourself out of everything for a moment. If you begin feeling dizzy or lightheaded, sit down on the curb or ground to avoid passing out.

Get out of the road as fast as possible

Try to get out of the road to avoid further injuries even if you can't move properly- crawl if you have to. Don't worry about your pace. Oncoming traffic might not see you, and you don't want to risk getting hit by another vehicle. You can also ask other pedestrians to help you move if you're not strong enough to handle it yourself.

Call emergency services

Even if you feel fine after the occurrence, it's crucial to seek medical attention as soon as possible. Some injuries take time to show, and you might not know that you have internal bleeding or a concussion.

Emergency staff will determine the severity of your injuries and if you need an ambulance for transportation to the hospital. Police will also arrive to document the incident. Remember to be honest when answering any question you're asked. That helps to ensure you receive the justice you deserve quickly.

Gather information at the scene

Get the motorist's name, contact details, insurance company, and license plate number. These details will come in handy when filing a police report or insurance claim.

It would be best if you also snapped some pictures of the damage to the vehicles and your injuries. These will serve as evidence in court if you need to file a personal injury lawsuit later. Ask one of the witnesses to take photos for you if you're unable to do so.

Undergo a complete physical assessment

Once the emergency responders have transported you to the hospital, the next line of action is undergoing a physical evaluation. This examination helps identify the not-so-easily-identified damages like specific brain injuries. Physicians will diagnose your condition early and provide the most suitable treatment.

Speak to a pedestrian accident attorney

After receiving medical attention, your next step should be to talk to an experienced pedestrian accident attorney. The insurance company of the car owner who hit you might not compensate you for the incident- they might even deny being at fault if they are!

Even if they accept the blame for what happened, chances are their compensation will be lesser than it should be. Here's where a skilled pedestrian accident lawyer comes in. The lawyer will stick with you and dispute a denied claim.

Bottom Line

Pedestrian accidents happen frequently. However, you shouldn't allow it to hinder you from enjoying the rest of your life if it happens to you. The steps above will help you ensure you get the help you need. Just believe in yourself, take things easy, and leave all the hard work to the professionals. After all, you need all the assistance you can get at such a trying time.

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