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Why Pack In a Trekking Pole For Hiking

Benefits of a trekking pole

It’s always best to be prepared when you’re going for a hike. You need to have the proper gears, proper attire, and of course, every hiker’s favourite ‒ trekking poles.

What is the use of a trekking pole?

Trekking poles are used mainly to keep your balance when walking on terrains and support your knees when you’re carrying a backpack. They are a means to support your legs.

However, they are also very versatile and can be used in a lot of different ways: ● Shelter: Perfect for light backpackers as you no longer need to bring along a heavy tent

  • Photography: Turn your poles into a tripod or a selfie stick to capture great pictures of your hike.
  • Clear Paths: It’s quite a hassle to stoop down to clear the path in front of you on a trail. With the trekking poles, you’ll have an extension of your arm to efficiently and carefully do this.
  • Probe Water or Snow: This is for you to measure how deep it is before you take a step.
  • Protection: You can create a sound by tapping your poles together so if there are wild animals nearby they’ll stay away.
  • First aid: Transform poles into splinters or stretchers in case someone gets injured.
  • Anchor: When it is windy, and your tent needs more support.
  • Signal: Use your trekking poles to form a message on the ground or create a signal with your arms to alert a helicopter when you need help.

The list above is just some of the few things that trekking poles are used for, and the only limitation is your imagination and needs.

Now you see the importance of a trekking pole; it’s probably one of the must-haves you’d want to bring on your next trek. That’s why we have written down four easy tips to pack them the right way:

1. Make sure to secure the handle

When you attach your trekking pole on your backpack, handles should be pointing towards the top. There should be an attachment point wherein you loosen a loop, insert the pole handle, and then tighten it.

Attachment points may vary in every backpack, and you might need to secure the handle differently. Just remember that your goal is simple, and that is to ensure the handle so the pole will not fall off.

But, what if your backpack doesn’t come with an attachment point? Well, there are a few alternatives.

2. Pack it inside your backpack

This is the safest way to pack your trekking pole. Since they are also collapsible, you can easily fit the whole pole inside your backpack.

Place them in the back part of your backpack and then cushion them with your clothes and other things you’ll bring.

3. Use your side pocket

If you don’t have an attachment point or you can’t fit your trekking pole inside your bag, side pockets will be your next option. That is if it comes with side compression straps too.

Insert your pole, handles first, inside the side pocket. Then, fasten the compression straps around its body to keep it in place. Make sure it’s tight and secure so it won’t fall.

4. Use compression straps

If your backpack doesn’t have side pockets, but it comes with compression straps, then you can use those too to secure your trekking poles.

Take a look at your backpack and analyze where you can position your pole so it won’t fall. Then, tightly fasten the compression straps around it.

You might also need to attach a basket to prevent your poles from slipping through.

How to choose the right trekking poles

There are different kinds of trekking poles in the market. Each varies depending on what you need.

When choosing the right trekking pole, you need to consider your comfort. After all, its primary purpose is to support you and help keep your balance.

As it’s always advised to go light during a trek, opt for a trekking pole that is lightweight, compact, and easy to collapse. This would make it easier for you to carry or put away your hiking sticks in case you won’t be needing it.

The next thing that you should consider is if the height is adjustable and if it locks. Aside from it being comfortable to use, it can be used by anyone.

Another thing that you should look at is the material it is made. You can choose between aluminium or carbon fibre. They are both very sturdy and will last long.

Lastly, regarding the grip. This is to prevent your hands from sweating a lot during your hike, which might cause you to let go of the trekking pole. For the best grip material, we recommend the EVA foam.

When going on a trek, staying safe is very important. With all the things you can do with it, trekking poles are the best equipment that you can bring on your hike. It’s only right that you take care of it well and it’s great if you know the right way to use it.

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