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The Best Holiday Destinations in the UK For 2020

27 January 2020 | 0 comments | Posted by Shane Radcliffe in Hit the Road

Top cities to visit in the UK

The United Kingdom is a beautiful destination to explore during your holiday season. As per the courtesy of Statista, around 37.9 million tourists from overseas visited the UK in 2018. It highlights the importance of this country as a travel destination. Overall, the nation has plenty of popular holiday destinations that travel lovers can explore while on vacation. Online travel agents based in the UK have looked at their booking data and these are some of the spots that have had increased interest and you may want to explore.

1. Manchester

The city has its popularity for a long time. While sports lovers keep visiting it for their interests, you can explore the city as a travel destination too. It is one of the best holiday destinations in the UK with a rich industrial heritage. Aside from the fact of delicious cuisine and mouth savouring restaurants, Manchester has museums that you will love. Adore its history and plan a vacation today.

2. Cambridge

The world knows Cambridge for its famous university ruling the education industry. Cambridge University is a spot of its kind that comprises of more than thirty architecturally enchanting colleges tourists love to explore. Holidaymakers often capture the best images in the vibrant market square here for fun. Do not take a chance and have fun around River Cam if you have this destination on your list.

3. London

Well-known for its diversity and mesmerizing sceneries, London is one of the best holiday destinations an individual can find in the UK. Along with exciting history, the place also has fascinating people and a rich culture to enjoy. Anyone will get addicted to its art galleries and pop-up bars almost everywhere in the city. No matter you can plan a family vacation here and also travel solo.

4. Brighton

One who visits London should not take a chance and miss the brighter Brighton located just at a thirty-minute distance from the diverse city. The picturesque town has a nightlife no one will like to miss while exploring the beautiful United Kingdom. Women will love shopping here, and the boutiques are a perfect spot to relax later. Moreover, it has the Shingle beach that will surely add to your vacation.

5. Newcastle

The city of Newcastle is famous for its attractive nightlife and fascinating bridges that you will always love to explore. It is a perfect spot for business, art, research for a long time. However, you can always visit it to find more picturesque places. It has the artistic city of Gateshead near to it that often attracts modern-art lovers. Therefore, you can enjoy an extended vacation here once you step with your friends.

The bottom line

Planning a vacation and finding out the best holiday destinations in the UK is fun. With the New Year inflow, make memories that you can remember by the end of 2020. Love your favourite spots on the world map and explore them in the best of ways.

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Shane Radcliffe is a Professional Content Writer and Digital Marketer at Gogetdeals as well as working with Balkan Holidays voucher codes. He is striving to make the most of the new opportunities that come his way.

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