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9 Best Party Cities To Go Clubbing in Europe

25 November 2019 | 0 comments | Posted by Rebecca Siggers in Hit the Road

Best clubbing cities in Europe

We all know that Europe is one of the favourite destinations for various activities while on vacation. But are you wondering where to go for clubbing and entertainment over the weekend? We have compiled a list of the top 9 party cities you need to visit in Europe.

Whether you are into disco, movies, or meeting acquaintances and starting a new relationship, you need to find the best and remarkable cities to head to in the continent. And, to make your research more manageable, we have compiled a list of the towns you should consider for your adventure.

These are the nine popular cities to visit for partying in Europe.

1. Barcelona, Spain

Spain is a hub for partying and clubbing in Europe. Because Madrid is the capital, you would think that it is the most charming city. Madrid hosts lots of partying clubs and entertainment spots. However, Barcelona outperforms it because of the two of Primavera, the beach party, and Sonar, the urban city partying events.

These two parties take place in June. They also mark the most significant clubbing events in the country, and they are among the biggest events in Europe. Sala Apolo is one of the clubs that host parties, such as Nista Club, all the days of the week.

2. Berlin, Germany

Germany is another travellers’ hotspot in Europe. And you cannot ignore Berlin when planning to visit Europe for partying. In Berlin, you can get a club anywhere around the corner - from high streets to downtown clubs.

Various clubbing venues in Berlin have strict policies you need to follow to enjoy the company of others. However, places like Sisyphos gives you the liberty to enjoy as a tourist without much strictness. Here, you can enjoy the music, beach, party, and so much on the outskirts of the city.

3. Paris, France

Known as the city of lights, Paris is one of the cities in Europe populated with nightlife destinations. It is most lively in the evenings through the night. As one of the most famous partying destinations in France, you cannot miss a place to take your partner on a night club.

Remember to set the date and mark Paris on your "carte a gratter" and share it with your friend while preparing for a lively party. Oberkampf is a cool place to check out for all your party needs.

Since the ‘90s, the place has been serving both locals and visitors, and it is an affordable place for partying.

4. London, England

In the English land, you have the opportunity to explore life and entertainment in different parts of the capital. From East London to the West, up North and to the South - all the corners - you will find a place to enjoy music and more. Forge is a clubbing joint within the city, and you can dance your nights away every Wednesday to Friday.

5. Ios, Greece

Ios is an island in Greece, where everyone is jovial and ready to party. In Ios, you will start partying in the evenings. During the day, people spend time sunbathing. With their friendly hostels, you have a wide choice of the best places to spend the night after partying in the evening. The Hermes Hotel is ideal for tourists who are on a budget. They are located at Syntagma 19, Athina 105 57.

6. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam is a welcoming environment among the many cities in Europe. There are many bars in the city, but you need to understand that the Dutch are used to keeping low-key, drinking silently with soft music in the background.

Although you may not have to dance to loud music, you can find numerous clubs operating 24 hours. Within the city, you can go to Leidseplein or Rembrandtplein for a variety of clubbing options.

7. Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is a clubbing destination in Europe that features affordable drinks and overnight dances. Most of the clubs are located on old abandoned apartments, refurbished with artistic decor, making them outstanding in the view of the disco lights in the evenings. Hungary is a destination for people who love partying a lot, and Akvárium Club is your ideal choice for clubbing within the city centre.

8. Krakow, Poland

Krakow is a Southern city in Poland where partying is the main feature you can come across. It is a premier destination for travellers looking for a clubbing centre in Europe. Since every visitor is looking forward to partying, you will get acquainted with folks from across the world quite faster than you thought.

It is easy to find clubs in Krakow, and the drinks are cheaper compared to many cities in Europe. For starters, Ambasada Śledzia is a beautiful place to experience life in Poland. However, they close at midnight, and, if you are looking forward to partying all night, you may consider another place like Singer Cafe or Klub Re, hosting live music performance every day.

9. Lagos, Portugal

Lagos is a Municipality centre in Portugal where partying is one of the attractions for tourists. With fantastic beaches and cruises, you have the best day party where you can meet people and have a good time while sunbathing in Summer.

In the evenings, catch a wild party in the clubs and enjoy a peaceful stay in the hostels after the dance. When you feel like wasting away your nights at parties, then Grand Cafe, in Rua da Senhora da Graça, is your ideal destination. Here, DJs host live performances all night every day.

Summing up

Partying travellers want to dance their stress off and forget the mind-boggling activities. You have a wide choice of destinations across Europe to relieve yourself with a partying vacation. The ideal choice of destination depends on your vibes and budget.

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