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What Is a Golden Gap Year?

17 August 2020 | 0 comments | Posted by Luke Fitzpatrick in Hit the Road

What exactly is a golden gap year

The concept of a gap year isn’t new, though most people think of it as a time when young adults take a break between high school and college or college and full-time employment. What might be new to you is the idea of seniors taking a gap year—a golden gap year.

At a time when family members are urging their elderly loved ones to slow down, the concept of a golden gap year embraces the many benefits of seniors staying active. More and more seniors are taking off for a year—or even just a few months—to enjoy a break from life’s demands.

What is a golden gap year?

Whether it’s a trip to celebrate the end of school or a journey in to experience the world before full-time work commences, a gap year has traditionally been for the younger generation. Today, seniors are laying claim to this type of break—often taking a series of spaced-out holidays—but the advantages are the same.

Breaking the misconceptions

There is a misconception that once humans reach a certain age, they must stop being carefree. This notion, however, should not stop retirees from travelling the world. Gap years for the young and now the elderly, exist as a way for people to explore new, valuable life experiences and aid the transition into whatever comes next.

As more older persons rewrite the book on retirement, concepts such as gap years are changing too. The term gap year is now as fluid as those who can partake in one. A gap year is used as an umbrella description for any kind of trip that exceeds the bounds of a typical holiday.

The benefits of a golden gap year

The benefits of a golden gap year are numerous. The simple act of the elderly getting out and about helps promote physical and mental health. Retirees can sometimes feel isolated, whereas the interactions travel provides allow older persons to feel connected with the world. The idea of a golden gap year shows individuals there are many positive reasons to continue to explore.

Interacting with youth

While the thought of taking a gap year may seem daunting, the experience is gratifying. A gap year can put humans in situations they never dreamed of when they focused on the day to day grind. This could include partaking in activities with people from other generations, such as staying in hostels with the young.

Being in such close quarters with young people can inspire senior citizens to explore. The confidence and curiosity they exhibit can rub off, encouraging the older adults to get more out of their destinations—and life in general.

More time to explore

Many retirees have more time, savings, and skills than the younger generations, and can get more out of a gap year or trip. With more time at their disposal, they can try out a range of different activities in a range of different countries or cities.

Extended time away affords people the opportunity to try many things and fall in love with something new. These can be extravagant, memory-making experiences for those who are looking to add a new spark to their retirement years. This can subsequently help retired individuals to dispel feelings of boredom and loneliness.

Taking a golden gap year

Many retirees believe their best holidays are behind them. However, with the idea of a golden gap year gaining in popularity for many, the best may yet be to come. With more time and money at their disposal, these senior citizens can plan the trip of a lifetime.

There are many advantages to travelling abroad for senior vacationers. With the help of information from travel, insurance, and retirement websites, they will find they have more vacation options than just cruise ships. A golden gap year, in whatever form it may take, helps people to live out their next chapter to the fullest.

A gap year will give elders new experiences; they will make new friends and might come up with ideas on how to spend the next part of their lives. Taking advantage of a golden gap year may well be the first step in seniors living longer, happier, and healthier lives.

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