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9 Reasons to Drop Everything and Volunteer Abroad

24 March 2020 | 15 comments | Posted by Alexe Chasanov in Hit the Road

Drop everything to volunteer overseas

Volunteering is quite a challenging adventure. That's why it's no surprise that not everyone is brave enough to do it. But what if we tell you that volunteering can be the experience you need to change your life?

If you're sceptic about it, let us show you the nine reasons why you should drop everything and volunteer abroad now:

1. Allows you to explore the world

If you love travelling and seeing new places, then volunteering abroad will surely give you that opportunity and more.

  • You get to experience what happens in the daily life of a local.
  • You'll be able to explore places that aren't visited by tourists.
  • You can even get the chance to work with indigenous people.

Seeing the world from a different perspective is the daily life of a volunteer.

2. You'll become part of an extended family

When you volunteer, you get to immerse yourself in a community ‒ and it can be the best thing that can happen to you.

Of course, let's not dismiss the fact that building a community can be hard. But if your heart is ready to help, everything will become more comfortable as the work progresses.

Sooner or later, you'll get to know everyone and what their needs are, sometimes without even asking. You'll slowly build family-like relationships, and that's what will make you love what you do more.

3. You'll gain experience

Nothing can beat experience when it comes to learning. And whether you're a fresh graduate or a college student, volunteering is an excellent start in growing your resume.

There's no doubt that you'll impress your future employers of how brave you are to venture on an adventure abroad. It also shows that you're not afraid of trying new things. Added to that, they'll see that you have a passion for helping those in need.

The experience immediately strikes a good impression of you to your employer, and that gives you an edge from your competitors.

4. Helps you become a more influential person

When you volunteer, there will be times that you would need to step out of your comfort zone.

Volunteering is an adventure, and just like any fun and thrilling adventures, there will be times that you'll encounter your biggest fears. You can't back out while you're in the middle of your service, so you have no choice but to face them.

Worry not though, because once you conquer your fears, you'll realize that you're stronger than you thought you were.

5. Teaches you how to live simply

When you volunteer, you'll be surrounded by people who live day-by-day with only enough to live by for the short term. By seeing this, it's only natural for you to value what you have ‒ especially those that you can fit in your carry-on luggage.

At the same time, it also shows you that picture that people can live a simple life. You'll find no need for those branded clothes, classy dinners, or a brand new phone every year.

6. It brings perspective

Volunteering is an excellent way of taking a break from the usual, busy, and stressful life you have.

By volunteering, you get to help others and focus on solving their problems instead of yours. It will allow you to see that your issues are not as big as theirs.

It indeed allows you to see things from a different perspective. It makes you realize that the things you considered necessary before are not that important. It's truly a great way of refreshing your mind.

7. Helps you choose your career path

There are different types of volunteering projects for diverse communities. Whether it's medicine, dentistry, journalism, or education, there will be a program that's right for the career you want to take.

Feel free to research it. If you can't decide on your career path, then we recommend immersing yourself in different programs that interest you and try to find which speaks out to you the most.

8. You will learn different languages

If you want to learn different languages, then volunteer. It's some requirement, especially if you're going to talk to locals who have limited or zero English Skills.

You can either let the locals teach you about the basics or ask fellow multi-lingual volunteers too. It will be fun.

9. Gives you the chance to offer help

If helping others is close to your heart, then you would undoubtedly enjoy volunteering. Here, you get to help different people or animals that are less fortunate or aren't able to fend for themselves.

The best part is that you'll be able to spread the message to them that there's hope in this world, and there will be people willing to give them a hand.

What to Pack

Packing to volunteer is almost the same as any trip you make.

Start by doing your research about the country where you're going. Then prepare all the essential documents you need, such as your passport and visa.

If possible, create a checklist of what you need to bring. You can also ask the organizer of the trip about the essentials.

We also advise packing lightly. Choose clothes that match the environment you're going to (warm or cold). Don't forget all the essential toiletries because there might be a high chance that you won't be able to buy those in the community.

Bring a medicine kit that contains all the necessary medicines. If you're taking prescription medicines, then bring those too. Bring a sunscreen and insect repellant as well.

Finally, don't forget to bring gadgets that will help you capture the memories. It's not every day that you volunteer, so you should have pictures that you can look back at with fond memories.

Do you want to have a life-changing experience?

Well, it's time to pack your back, get out of the four corners of your room and take a breather by volunteering abroad.

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