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8 Ways To Enjoy Summer In Cape Town

28 October 2019 | 0 comments | Posted by Kyle Moore in Hit the Road

Fun summer activities in Cape Town

The mother city is a popular destination during the summer with its fantastic beaches and laid back city culture. Tourists and locals will be all over from the seaside to the wine country all looking to enjoy their sunny days which are aplenty. If you're looking for the best ways to spend your summer then here are some fun activities that are perfect when the summer heat starts to cook in Cape Town.

1. Visit the beach towns outside the city

The greater Western Cape has so much to offer, so be sure to make your away outside of the CBD to places like Franschhoek for great wine and dine, and Scarborough for a charming beach town visit. Scarborough, in particular, is a real hidden gem when it comes to seaside villages - it's quiet and quaint, the beaches are beautiful, and there are restaurants and cafes aplenty. It truly is well worth the trip. You may even want to stay a few nights - there's beautiful Scarborough accommodation on offer.

2. Have dinner on the Camps Bay strip

The Camps Bay strip is energetic and vibey - a part of Cape Town that should not be missed. Plenty is going on at any time of the week, and any time of the day or night. We'd recommend making a visit during sunset, and enjoying a sundowner at one of the fantastic cocktail lounges such as Caprice or Chinchilla, before heading off to dinner at one of the fancy restaurants.

There's plenty of amazing seafood places, as well as Asian, the Mediterranean and even African inspired cuisine. It's truly an experience in itself.

3. Have a picnic on Clifton Beach

Clifton Beach is undoubtedly the 'it' beach in Cape Town. It's the most photographed and, of course, the most visited because of its beautiful turquoise waters, white sands, and its exquisite backdrop which is the 12 Apostles mountain range — sheltered from the (sometimes) strong and pesty Cape Town winds. If you're looking to swim, however, you may want to think twice as the Atlantic Ocean that caresses these shores are icy-cold!

4. Rent a bicycle and explore the Seapoint Promenade

The Seapoint promenade is the ideal location for a morning, afternoon or sunset stroll OR bicycle ride! We'd highly recommend exploring 'the prom', by bicycle which you can rent from one of the many vendors alongside it. Biking will allow you to see more of the stretch (walking can get a little tiring, especially if you hope to explore from Seapoint, up to Clifton). There are plenty of amazing places to stop by for a quick bite to eat, or there's an incredible stretch of grass with the perfect views for an afternoon picnic.

5. Hike Lions Head

is an absolute must-do. This will not only gift you with one of the most magnificent views of the city, but you'll be hiking one of the countries most famous, and most loved peaks. The hike will take you around two hours to complete. However, this is dependant on your fitness level. Some parts can be a little challenging, but you'll be thrilled to have conquered it.

It's a genuine rush to the senses and an epic accomplishment! You can also take the hike during the full moon when tons of enthusiastic hikers make their way to the peak. This is an incredible experience, especially since the bright moon pretty much lights the path for you, as well as the entire city below. It's truly spectacular!

6. Take the cablecar up Table Mountain during sunset

Table Mountain is again; another must do. (There are too many must do's in Cape Town!) But seriously, you don't want to miss your chance of seeing Cape Town from above, and of course, exploring the most famous mountain in South Africa. We'd recommend you take the cable car to the summit during sunrise or sunset when the views are spectacular. You'll witness the sun gently resting on the horizon, and you can only imagine the gorgeous photos you'll capture.

7. Visit the wine farms in Franschhoek

Franschhoek truly is heaven for any wine or cuisine connoisseur, but there's so much more to this small town than just that (although the number one reason people visit). Franschhoek is also home to some incredible art galleries, chocolate boutiques and even historical museums. The Huguenot Monument can be found at the end of the main road, while museums with old collector's items (specifical cars) are waiting to be explored.

Franschhoek is also exquisite, with its towering mountains, plush surroundings and wine farms fit for a king. There is also plenty of unique activities to do, such as the Franschhoek wine tram and even horseriding!

8. Visit the Kirstenbosch botanical gardens

Kirstenbosch is the place to be if you're into plants, natural beauty, picnics or amazing afternoon tea's. Kirstenbosch Gardens has earned itself more than a few accolades over the years for being some to some of the rarest of plants - and of course for being one of the Cape's most popular places.

There's even more to Kirstenbosch Gardens during the summer - especially for those who appreciate great local music, when the Kirstenbosch summer concerts begin (usually sometime from November until April).

Summer lovin'

What is your favourite thing to do during summers in Cape Town? Is there anything you feel should be added to the list? Let us know in the comments section down below! We'd love to hear from you :)

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