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3 Analytics Tips For Building A Website

21 December 2020 | 0 comments | Posted by Claire Wouters in Industry Experts

Analytics to focus on when building a website

A website is a business must-have in today's digital world. It serves as a virtual storefront where you can promote your products and services to potential customers.

In the process of building your website, you must know the importance of web analytics. This involves collecting and analyzing the numbers on your website's performance regarding the number of site visitors, bounce rate, speed rate, traffic source, and most popular content or target keyword, among many others.

Using a web analytics tool to collect information, you'll discover which is working for your website and which is not, and then be able to point your website in the right direction. There are plenty of data you can retrieve from the way people interact with your website. Making sense of these numbers is essential because it will help you track your site's pulse and progress.

Analytics tips for building a website

Analytics is crucial to the success of your brand's digital marketing campaigns. More than merely creating a website and publishing media, you have to make sure that your content reaches your target audience and that these web users enjoy using your site.

Analytics tools allow you to monitor your domain's performance so that you can make the necessary improvements in the future. For instance, a backlink checker can give you data on how many inbound links you currently have. With this, you can focus on reaching out to high-quality backlink sources to boost your SEO.

Consumer demands keep on evolving. Knowing this, you must strive to keep up and update your services, including your site so that you can stay competitive in today's market.

Here are some analytics tips to help you in building your website:

1. Have a plan

Before creating your site, you must be specific about your goals for building it. Of course, the bottom line for business owners would be to gain more sales. Nonetheless, you need to determine your website's role in accomplishing that objective.

One of the questions that you can ask is whether your domain's primary use will be to attract more followers or maintain your relationship with your current customer base. This way, you can build a website and track relevant analytics for the purpose you specify.

2. Determine your website funnel

A website funnel pertains to the process that each visitor goes through in your website. It's comprised of four main stages: attention, interest, desire, and action. The number of people that complete the last step successfully play a significant role in your conversion rate. When you understand your website funnel, you can keep track of the stages where traffic dwindles.

For example, if your content isn't getting enough attention from your target audience, you might want to use a keyword difficulty tool to determine how many others sites are using and competing for the same search terms. Once you have this data, you can modify the keywords you incorporate into your content for better results.

3. Identify your KPIs

Having an idea and plan for your website allows you to pinpoint key performance indicators (KPIs) to analyze the effectiveness of your domain better. When you know the data that you need for your site's success, you can make adjustments before your website goes live.

These are some of the crucial analytics factors to monitor:

  • Bounce Rate – This pertains to how long a site visitor had checked your page and left without checking the second page. It's vital to check your site's bounce rate, especially if it's high, so you can troubleshoot what caused your visitors to leave quickly. It may be due to long loading times, unattractive web design, and other possible website content mistakes. Remember that the lower the bounce rate, the better.
  • Site Speed – This is in correlation with the bounce rate. It determines how long your page loads on your visitors' browsers or mobile apps. The more prolonged it takes your page to load, the more it'll drive away potential readers and clients.
  • Traffic Source – These are the pages that link to your site. It may be by search engines, links from other sites, email campaigns, and social media links. This report will let you know which source brings you more traffic and which should need more work.
  • Pageviews – It's otherwise known as the overall traffic of your website. The higher your page views, the better chances of your website joining the top ranks in SERPs.


When building your website, you must give thought to the factors that you need to monitor according to the goals that you have for your domain. Checking your analytics regularly is crucial for improving the elements of your site so that you can keep up with the demands of web users.

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