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Facebook Targeting: How to Find Your Audience

Exploring Facebook Ad targeting options

There is no doubt that Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms used by people around the world. More than 1.5 billion people are active on Facebook every day. So, if you want to promote your business and target your audience on social media, Facebook should be on your list. Facebook’s power of influence is incredible.

A wise and engaging message posted on Facebook can convince many more people than any other marketing strategy. When you manage to develop an efficient plan in Facebook targeting, you will discover that the money invested bring incredible benefits.

So, if you don’t want to end up throwing money away, then you should keep reading this article and discover Facebook targeting techniques.

How to Build Facebook Targeting Techniques You Didn’t Know About Before

1. Target the people you already know

One of the most natural targeting methods you can apply to obtain a positive ROI is redirecting your attention towards the people you already know. You have a pool of clients who trust your brand and buy your products because they satisfy their needs. Thus, this is the first category of people that you should target. For example, you can use the email list that you use to send newsletters. This is the perfect moment to use this list for something more interested and integrate it into your Facebook account.

You can also use professional writing services like Grab My Essay, or Studicus to create targeted messages. Retargeting is another strategy that you can use to bring your ad in front of those people who visited your website. Facebook has a tool called Facebook Pixel.

You can install it on your website and let it do its work. It will track any person who visits your profile and identify its Facebook user profile. Once these people are identified, Facebook will put your ads in front of any previous visitor.

These people already know your products because they visited your website previously. So, it will become easier for them to open your ad and order your products.

2. Find people who are similar to those that you already know

If you already created your Facebook ad for the people you know, it is time to widen your horizons and try to increase your audience. You can target your ads towards people who have things in common with your existing clients and fans. Facebook comes with various tools to help you target lookalike audiences.

For example, your list of existing clients is a high starting point. You can concentrate your strategy towards finding people who have the same characteristics as your loyal customers. It is straightforward to implement this strategy.

You should go to Tools, select the tab called audience, then click on Create Audience, and choose Lookalike Audience. You can choose the audience you want to use as the starting point and let Facebook do its job and search for people who have similar behaviour and interests with your existing clients.

You can apply the same strategy for your current leads and fans.

3. Pay attention to life events and behaviour specifics

Targeting life-events can be a very successful method that you can use for Facebook targeting. For instance, if you are a florist, you can use this method to search for people who are getting married or are celebrating an important event in their lives.

This is your starting point, which can bring you a large pool of potential customers. You can also use data brokers and identify other criteria to identify people’s spending behaviour.

This information will help you target those people who are used to spending enough money to buy your products. It is straightforward to track such actions. Go to a detailed targeting section in your Facebook account and select behaviours instead of interests.

Boost well-performing posts

If you want to increase traffic on your site and target a new audience, then you shouldn’t forget about the best performing posts. If those posts were already viral, it means that they also have enough potential to continue having an outstanding performance. The key to this strategy is to identify the best performing blog posts. Then, you can redirect part of your marketing budget on boosting them.

Thus, you will increase the chances to target new people and expand your engagement rate. It is effortless to identify these posts. All you have to do is take a look at the Source/Medium report if you're using UTM tracking and select all the traffic sources except Facebook.

Then, you should add the second criteria and choose those blog posts that had an excellent performance on Facebook.

Facebook Graph Search can become your “secret weapon.”

“Not many people realize how Facebook search is in reality. Graph Search can help you find people and pages which are somehow related to your keywords. This tool gives you a great opportunity to discover unique targeting methods”, says Amanda Sparks, an editor at Best Essay Education.

For example, you can type “Pages similar to (use the business name of one of your competitors).”

You will receive several results that can become the starting point to identify a new target audience. You can also type the following phrase “Pages liked by people who like (add the name of your competitor’s business).

Facebook will return a list of people who like your competitor’s page, and they also like other pages. Thus, you might identify other competitors or discover what the secret strategy applied by others to target their clients is.


Every dollar that you invest in your marketing campaign should be used wisely. If you shoot blindly with your ads, you will soon discover that you wasted your marketing dollars without obtaining any relevant results. You should carefully target each ad.

If you are armed with the strategies mentioned above, you shouldn’t worry that you won’t achieve your targeting objectives. You should also make sure that you establish a routine that includes checking your analytics. Thus, you will use each cent in a very efficient way and maximize your return on investment.

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