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How to Use Interactive Content to Get Backlinks?

18 October 2021 | 1 comments | Posted by Ravi Kumar in Industry Experts

Building backlinks with interactive content

The main role of having Interactive content is enhanced sustainability, which can be observed in the past years. Interactive content in the present age has mainly become this substitute for the old-fashioned keywords, making the content much personalized. In marketing, the use of interactive content has worked as a good strategy and has several benefits when we see it from the SEO perspective.

As per some researches, more than 90 % of the marketers agree that having interactive content can present maximum value when we speak of informing the customers when compared with 70 % for the ones that prefer static content. There are also stats available that show interactive content can generate twice higher conversion when compared with passive content.

There were also claims that interactive content can generate five times the page views, and over 85 % of the marketers claimed by using interactive content in the campaigns. This helps all of it different from the competition. Moreover, this content can provide you with higher credibility, and other sources can be more interested in referencing you on the websites they have.

As per another report, about 59 % of the marketers agree that they are using interactive content for higher engagement, getting backlinks, and generating links.

Importance of Backlinks for SEO

The whole off-page SEO is just nothing but backlinks. One can say that backlinks work as references for any published research paper and offers credibility for the paper by mentioning the best-quality content. These are also called inbound links; the backlinks can be seen through search engines as their main indicators for popularity or importance for the given source.

Therefore, the search engine can offer you better website credit that has relevant and high-quality backlinks. The link quality also plays a critical role in the SEO result. The search engine also analyzes thoroughly the content quality and the backlinks to which it refers.

What's Interactive content?

Having Interactive content is the kind of content that makes their audience participates actively. This can include interaction with quizzes or tapping on the button for revealing some information in their infographics. Such content stays more attractive when compared with traditional one and improves audience engagement.

When we speak of the traditional, also called passive format, the users don't have the choice of interacting with content, and this makes content consumption lesser engaging.

This works like a monologue for brands are transmitting information without any participation from the audience in that conversation. Therefore, one of the best ways of establishing a better and efficient dialogue with the consumers and can contribute to a better marketing strategy in several ways.

We shall speak on this in much detail in the following sections!

Benefits of interactive content

When you are using interactive content that provides you something unique, and therefore, when there's a follow link towards your website, the visitor gets the best quality and unique content. This increases engagement and also conversions.

You can also create backlinks that we refer to as interactive content and has so much to do with the creation of permalinks. This allows the link with interactive content for staying relevant for a longer time. It is also great for making sure you have an entire lifetime of backlinks when you have interactive content shared with other online resources.

Ways to use interactive content to get backlinks

Most digital marketers are aware that the best way of getting backlinks is to produce material that can get other content creators' attention. This is the way that can help indicate your website or blogs to their consumers and generate authority and reach to you.

The question that we come across here is that you aren't magically going to have these things happen by themselves. One has to create some value. When the interactive content that you have isn't authentic, or it cannot enrich the experience of the reader, nobody is going to quote it as they don't have any motive for it.

Therefore, make sure you are acting strategically and creating elements that can captivate your audience and making their distribution easier. Here we shall take a look at some of the things that you can try for making sure the interactive content is quality, and you get high-quality backlinks.


You can create some interesting interactive tools like calculators. This is one of the efficient ways of getting backlinks on a larger scale. This happens mainly because when a person is straightforward and precise, they simplify the reader's education.

This way, the different situations might also lead any content producer for creating backlinks that also take to another interactive calculator. For instance, Adobe Color has become successful as they made a simple tool that can help the user make their customised colour palette.

Games and quizzes

There is amazing importance of interactive quizzes as well, and these are the tools that soften the experience of the user as well as provide incredible insights. Apart from that, some questionnaires can also be adoptive of playful aspects like the ones we see on BuzzFeed.

So, when your questionnaire is engaging enough, one can be sure that this will be the best for generating backlinks for other pages.

If you want to reach a different level, the best bet is games.

And although the creation of interactive games needs a lot of gaming elements, investment, and time the results that it gets you can be incredible. Some big companies have made interactive games that can easily calculate the user's age based on the reaction times they have.


In the huge Content Marketing world, infographics are a must used and practices that can be called well-established now. However, when you don't catch up with the new trends, it can get less interesting for the users.

On the other side, when adding some interactive elements, everything can become more attractive. There are several ways of making your infographics interactive. One can add questions all across the content you make. This can reveal specific information as the viewer click on it, and this can also let the reader navigate freely through this data.

It's critical that you are using your creativity and not putting aside the basic informative character. One of the interesting examples is a British bank called Tide. The company made infographics that reveal the women's academic live that became the founder of famous companies. One can navigate on varied options on their page and filter the specific kind of information that the user needs.


Maps are mainly content that gets difficult to navigate unless some interactive elements allow you specific actions like rotations or zooms. That being said, one can generate an authentic and engaging user experience regardless of the main subject that's getting addressed.

For instance, a travel supermarket is a website that works with airline ticket purchases. They have created interactive maps as per the data they found on Google. The main idea is to show the countries that are more researched.

Another one can be seen in GoCompare. This is the website that works for energy supply companies' fees comparison. They have made a map with details of the primary sources of varied kinds of energy consumption.

Interactive eBook

When you create eBooks, you will get content to its life. This is well known for people that books can get slightly dull when we speak of information representations. And when one has an interactive eBook, it can be the best solution for making your content engaging and easy to read.

When you work towards making an interactive eBook, it can be one of the best ways for getting more backlinks. Mainly you will create new sources that come with backlinks and redirect the website's visitors towards you.

One fantastic benefit of interactive eBook creation is that you can access it from anywhere and any device.

Final thoughts

Investing in some quality interactive content for getting backlinks is the kind of practice that can help you with good results for all Digital Marketing campaigns. Apart from engaging the consumers and enhancing their experience, one can maximize the website reach you currently have and also improve digital authority. A

ll of this leads to a higher favourable ranking. As you can see, being interactive means the tendency that can enhance your marketing strategy on various fronts and take it to another level.

About the author

Ravi Kumar is a passionate blogger, co-founder and editor at XplorMedia and WHRX. I have been writing content for five years and have a uniquely wry voice that shines via his newest collection.

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