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A Marketer’s Guide to CBD Products in 2020

How to promote CBD products online

With fierce competition in the CBD market, it has become demanding and competitive for marketers to increase the sales figures of their respective CBD products. They may be facing challenges such as saturation of the market with different varieties of CBD products, lack of proper education, Google’s ban on CBD advertisements, and many more.

It has been predicted that the CBD market will take off entirely in a matter of 20 to 30 years as it’s ahead of so many industries because of its purebred entrepreneurship and general youth.

Since marketing is regarded as an essential part of any business, it can not only boost the product’s bottom line but also act as a crucial distinction between failure and success, when executed correctly. Let’s shed some light on how to develop efficient CBD products’ marketing plan.

Initiate with how different you are

The CBD industry is highly competitive and well established despite being a present-day market for several users. Leaders like CV Sciences and Charlotte’s Web are traded publicly, yet the market continues to remain fragmented with small-time businesses and shops. With the latest trends, CBD companies should now outline their brand strategies to make their products stand out from the rest distinctively, be it with vapes, tinctures, edibles or award-winning CBD capsules.

The difference lies amidst the picture you portray through your products. You can either choose to bring the health factor to the fore by setting up CBD products as wellness enhancers or can inform people about CBD’s core benefits on how it may naturally help with the likes of pain, insomnia, and anxiety.

By pitching the products as a healthy way to manage such ailments, you can target people who utilise pharmaceuticals and ones who are quite sturdy but still require CBD products to be their life-enhancers.

Relish your brand online

If you happen to be armed with some brand strategies, it’s high time a website is built for consumers to discover and acknowledge it. Keeping this in mind, marketers have been commencing the launch of several CBD programs. When it comes to marketing CBD products, the brand’s website behaves as a digital headquarter.

WIth the consumer-facing website, product clarity, and clear communication is a must. A sturdy website establishes trust among users, potential visitors, and retail partners, and also educates them about the product and its attributes and specifications.

Education can revolve around subjects such as ‘how hemp-derived CBD products are grown,’ ‘how to consume them,’ and most importantly, ‘what are the local laws relating to them.’

Study the legality before marketing CBD

For many years, cannabis has been a point of conversation in both state and federal levels in the US. With the introduction of 2018’s Farm Bill, the sale and production of hemp have been legalised in the country at a federal level. Even though industrial hemp is legal, there’s still uncertainty for advertisers. This is mainly because of the confusion of the distinction between hemp and marijuana.

To legally sell CBD products, the THC level should be below 0.3%. But, that’s not the case with advertisements. Marketers can’t rely on social media and paid ads on various search engine platforms since Instagram, Twitter, and Google restrict CBD advertising.

Facebook quite recently lifted the ban on advertising CBD products as long as the CBD is not derived from marijuana but hemp. Regardless of the advertising laws for CBD products, business is not allowed to deliver medical claims and untested assumptions.

Use influencer marketing

While initiating any marketing campaign for CBD products, you can utilise a handful of tactics. The more diversified your marketing strategies are, the better the possibility of catching the attention of your target market. Social media influencers usually have a massive base of incoming traffic and viewership, which in turn helps a marketer’s approach to advertising. The influencers bring a natural audience with them, and you can look for them on any platform like Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube.

Go for podcast ads

Even if it’s unorthodox advertising, businesses can choose to pursue podcast ads. In recent years, the growth factor has been immense, and companies, along with marketers, can now fit in naturally amidst the podcast demographics.

It’s essential to know that top podcasts usually generate a million downloads and listens. By going for podcasts that have a massive following, as a marketer of CBD products, you can make a high ROI. After all, it’s 2020.

Make use of content marketing

Content marketing might not be an immediate impact maker that will sell CBD customers to potential buyers, but it can surely get the foot in the door. Creating ‘blogs,’ ‘know-how,’ ‘guides,’ ‘designs’, and ‘infographics’ can help in pitching product ideas, push sales, and help in building trust among consumers. It also helps if your brand has a good reputation and certifications. There are more reasons to buy award-winning CBD capsules instead of choosing an unknown product.

Over time, if you happen to utilise the tricks and trades behind content marketing, your blog guides can become the market’s go-to source for CBD-centric information. So, through this process, you end up influencing buyers to make a purchase. The bottom line

Even though social media platforms do not allow CBD advertising, there are several other side steps that you can take. Combined, content marketing, social media, and all the mentioned pointers, as a marketer, you will have the perfect opportunity to educate and grow sales at the same time, without the use of aggressive selling and marketing techniques.

But, make sure whenever you draw claims, always back them up with scientific studies and links to maintain authenticity and credibility.

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