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6 Instagram Marketing Tips For A Simple Strategy That Works

Simple Instagram Strategy

Marketing on Instagram is extremely competitive. Millions of businesses make use of this platform for capturing attention, stirring interest, and creating a desire on this platform. With this much competition, it is significant that you have proven marketing strategies in order to gain success. According to www.brandwatch.com, 90% of the top brands have Instagram accounts. Given below is a list of the marketing tips that you should definitely follow if you are interested in gaining success.

Don't forget to optimize your bio

Apart from the business, the username, and the URL of the website, the Instagram bio is responsible for providing 150 characters, where you have the option of writing a compelling bio, which will create a grand first impression on your present and potential customers. This place should be highlighting the business offers and why people need to care about the services and products that you are offering. Your bio should be capable of explaining your business as well as conveying the identity of the brand.

You have to ensure that your bio is:

  • Short and simple.
  • Concise.
  • Have call-to-actions.

Choose an ideal profile picture

Before your visitors are reading the Instagram bio, they are going to see the profile picture first. It is basically going to be the first impression other than your bio. Therefore, an ideal profile picture for the business account is none other than the business logo. It should be uncut and clear.

Establish the look of succesful brands on Instagram

Establishing the look means, you have to create a visual consistency on this platform. Visual consistency cannot be ignored because it is capable of making the brand images recognizable in the sea of various other businesses. This will also increase the chance of people to comment and like on the posts. This will also help in increasing the number of followers on Instagram.

Have goals that can be defined easily

If you do not create proper goals, you will not know if the investment on Instagram marketing is worth it. Creating a goal is known to start by choosing the ultimate metrics for measuring accomplishment. This can be broken down into two main categories, which include:

  • Vanity metrics, which is responsible for including the likes, shares, number of followers, and comments.
  • Business metrics, which include, reach, traffic, lead generation, engagement, and revenue generation.

Ensure that you are creating amazing content

Good content is responsible for driving action. It will compel people to share, click, or comment on a particular post. However, before you are taking any action, you need to get the attention of people first.

You can post:

  • Behind the scene shots.
  • Text-based images and quotes.

Master the features that are little known

There are certain features, which most of the marketers do not know about. You have the option of changing the color of certain letters and words so that you can make the text look unique. You can even hide Stories from certain users so that you can create segmented messaging. You can even add line breaks within the Instagram bio so that people can read it easily.


Ideal marketing strategies can take your brand to a whole new level. Ensure that you are considering the tips that have been mentioned above so that you can work on making your marketing strategy unique.

About the author

Kristen Smith has been working on the importance of social media in marketing with thousands of followers for Instagram her postings.

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