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Best SEO strategy to move ahead of your competitor in 2019

SEO strategy for 2019

Are you looking for an SEO strategy that will boost your website traffic 2019? You’ve arrived at the right place. Yes, this strategy is not at all easy. The bad news is that you have to work really hard to see the results using this tactic.


I know most of the people would’ve left this guide by now. But you are here. You are brave enough to take up the challenge and see your website traffic improve. The good news for you is that this SEO strategy will improve your traffic and you will get an amazing ROI in the long run.

Because what you are going to learn today is an evergreen SEO strategy that will help you in tough times. Your website won’t get affected with silly Google algorithms. Sounds good? So, be ready to take action now and see your traffic grow.

4 Pillars of an effective SEO strategy

Einstein, the great scientist ever born once said: “ Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler. This is how I approached to create my SEO strategy. Here are the four pillars of the SEO strategy that I’ll teach you.

  • Please your Users
  • Satisfy the Search Intent
  • Build Your Web
  • Optimize and Amplify

This strategy has helped me generate many organic visitors for different niches, clients and projects. It’ll help you too if you are willing to work hard.

1. Please your user

The user experience is what Google’s algorithm values the most. Google wants to serve the searchers the best results.

So, what are the criteria to define the user search best?

Firstly, it should fulfil the search intent behind the query. For example: If a user is looking for a service to buy web hosting, then the results must be related to buying web hosting. But search intent is not enough to rank for your target keyword.

The next thing you need to improve is the quality of your page. A study reveals that a website user leaves your page in than 20 seconds. Even the Time’ magazine found that a user leaves within 15 seconds.

This means you need to keep them longer on your website. So, you need to work on improving the dwell time of your website. If the user is interested and engaged on your website, they eventually end up with longer dwell time.

Longer dwell time is also a positive signal. But what most people don’t realise that it will improve the SEO of their website. The engaged users are more likely to convert into an email subscriber, lead or even customer.

How Google tracks these things?

It’s easy. You have Google Analytics installed on your website. Google can track user behaviour from this. If your users are using Google Chrome, the browser is tracking their behaviour. Google has every vital and minute information about your website and the user experience it provides. So, improve dwell time of your website and ensure that the users are engaged to your content. Your content should answer their queries and catch their eye.

2. Satisfy the Search Intent

Understanding the search intent is a fundamental advertising and SEO skill. Even if Larry Page writes an article for you, it won’t rank if it doesn’t satisfy the search intent. Creating a 2000-word long post doesn’t mean that you will rank on Google.

So, what search intent means?

You firstly need to pick up the keyword which users might be targeting. For this Google Keyword Planner is the free and best tool. Search for related keywords too. Once you have the list of keywords you wish to target, it’s the time to validate those keywords.

Check out the keyword on Google and see how many websites are ranking for your keyword has DA below 40. If there are 2-3 websites having DA 40 or above ranking on that keyword, then you can target that keyword.

Now, look for any big brand ranking for your keywords as a branding strategy is also the key factor for satisfying the search intent. Also, check for any PDF or Q&A website ranking for those keywords. If there are more sites of brands or Q&A, you can easily outrank them.

Check out the content on websites with high DA. Analyse what type of content they are providing and how you can drive more users to your content. Once you get the key, you’re in the game.

Create a post accordingly and optimise the content assets with images used inside the content. You can even use videos, infographics and beautiful imagery to attract the visitors and make them stay longer on your content.

3. Build your web presence

Backlinks are still important to rank your site on Google. You can get the Pillar #1 and #2 executed well, but backlinks are the icing on the cake. If you have optimised your website content nicely, link acquisition will become a lot easier.

Backlinks are the fuel on the fire.

You should acquire relevant backlinks. Do blogger outreach to get your content published on top blogs relating to the niche you are targeting. If you can acquire a few quality links to your article or website, you are in business.

Contextual links are the best. Avoid sitewide links or comment backlinks, specifically on non-relevant niches. One thing that is critical while getting a link is the use of keyword or anchor text. You need to be bang on in the selection of anchor text for the link.

Protip! If you need help on building links then check out our posts on the subject

4. Optimise and amplify

Though working on top three pillars properly will give you results within a few days, but Pillar #4 is designed to take SEO game to the next level.

Remember, the majority of your website visitors will never come back. You need to build trust and engage them well.

What can be done to increase the trust flow?

Advertising and marketing strategies through e-mail marketing are one of the best practices that most of the bloggers follow. You can even send them regular newsletters informing them about the latest updates and changes made to your website.

In this way, you can keep them engaged for the long run. Once they find your active participation in keeping them informed, they will come back to your website.

A returning visitor not only is a boost to the traffic, but it also improves your reputation in the eyes of Google.

The bottom line

If you have implemented this strategy nicely, nothing can stop you from getting better rankings and more traffic. Yes, it is a lengthy process, but if you wish to rule the web, you need to work hard now. It’s now or never. Start building the pillars now and enjoy later.

About the author

Deepak Sachdeva is an Internet Marketer and digital consultant. Loves exploring new online marketing techniques and helping businesses build online brands. He likes writing on topics like Digital Marketing and Education.

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