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Simple Yet Effective Ways Your Business Can Be More Eco-Friendly

16 September 2021 | 0 comments | Posted by Jenny Williams in Industry Experts

simple ways to be eco friendly business

Are you looking for simple ways to strengthen your commitment to sustainability as a business? Contrary to popular belief, implementing a more environmentally friendly approach to your business does not necessarily mean more costs.

Going green offers companies numerous benefits. A study by Forbes found that 92% of consumers are more likely to trust environmentally or socially conscious brands. In addition to building consumer trust, sustainable practices can increase efficiency and improve employee loyalty.

Here is a list of simple yet effective ways business owners can strengthen their commitment to being more eco-friendly.

Encouraging employees to take public transport or carpool to work

One of the biggest culprits of global warming is fossil fuels. To minimize your carbon footprint as a business, encourage your employees to take public transit, ride a bike, or carpool to work.

Not only is riding a bike or walking a more eco-friendly way to get to work, but it can also improve physical and mental health while saving money on gas. If none of these alternatives is feasible for an employee, consider offering a work-from-home option to reduce the number of times they must commute to work.

Choose vendors and partners that align with your eco-friendly values

Who you do business with says a lot about you as a business. If you genuinely want to commit to a more eco-friendly approach, re-evaluate your vendors and partners to ensure that they, too, are committed to sustainability.

Although it may seem tedious and unnecessary, it can be an excellent opportunity to reduce costs and boost profits. Choosing vendors and partners that align with your values will not only build your reputation as an eco-friendly business but can also increase efficiency and revenue.

Promote a waste reduction program

As a society, we can no longer afford to ignore the global waste problem. To do their part, businesses can ensure they have a waste reduction program that incorporates both recycling and composting. Ensure there is a recycling bin beside every garbage bin to choose to recycle easier for your employees.

If your company has a kitchen, place a compost bin as well. This minimizes your contribution to the tons of waste that end up in landfills or in the oceans.

Invest in reusable rather than single-use products

When it comes to office supplies, choose reusable over single-use every time. Not only will this reduce waste in packaging, but it can also save your business money in the long term. Replace paper towels with actual hand towels. Replace any plastic utensils or cups in the office kitchen with reusable ones.

Provide your employees with a water refill station as opposed to plastic water bottles in the fridge. Encourage your employees to choose reusable as well. It’s small steps like these combined that drastically reduce your waste impact as a business.

Purchase energy-efficient appliances

This may seem counterintuitive if your primary motivation for going greener is to cut costs. While it does require a significant investment, replacing appliances with more energy-efficient ones will save your company a lot of money in energy bills over time.

If it’s not something you can currently budget for, consider the more energy-efficient option the next time an appliance stops working.

Work in natural light when possible

If your business is based in an office with plenty of windows, consider turning the lights off and working in natural light when the weather permits. If the sun is streaming through your office windows, there is no need for the lights to be on all the time.

This helps your business become a bit more eco-friendly while cutting energy costs. Moreover, sunlight can boost your employee’s moods and improve their health through Vitamin D.


More and more companies are choosing sustainability. Not only does going greener makes sense for the planet, but it makes sense as a business. Sustainability as a business doesn’t have to be costly. Neither does it have to be all or nothing.

The commitment to become more environmentally friendly is a huge first step in the right direction. Over time, the small changes you implement to become more eco-friendly will make all the difference.

About the author

Jenny Williams is a business analyst and writer at Dissertation writing service and Writinity who advocates for an environmentally friendly and sustainable approach to business. She also writes about various business solutions and strategies for Draft Beyond service blog.

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