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The Best Braai Memes Only South Africans Will Find Funny

09 February 2019 | 0 comments | Posted by Che Kohler in Masterchefs

The best braai memes

South Africa has been a land synonymous with segregation; many things separate us, the rugby team you support, the cellular network you use, the political party you begrudgingly vote for, and of course, you either love or hate the sound of a vuvuzela. South African's have drawn distinct lines in the sand over the years on things they do not budge on. 

We may not agree on many things as South African's, but one thing we can a agree on is that Eskom sucks and that a braai is too damn lekker!

We may fall as individuals, but together we braai

A braai is South Africans' therapy session; it's like a national exorcism of the countries demons. The braai is an exercise that cures any ailments. No electricity? No water? Petrol price hikes? State capture? Bokke lost to the All Blacks? Let's braai the pain away.

But a braai need not always be inspired by a sombre affair. Is it someone's birthday? Is the petrol price coming down? Do we have electricity and water? Did Bokke beat the All Blacks? Let's celebrate with a braai.

The versatility of braai is what makes it so intangible, and for those foreigners who will never understand the concept, all I can say to you is "ag shame" (another one only South African's understand)

We've state captured best braai memes for your enjoyment

To help share the magic and majesty a braai brings to South African homes and hearts, we've decided to put together the best braai memes we could find.

When you ask a South African what he would like to eat

We often get emotional if we haven't had a braai in a few weeks, its draining being South African at times and it's how we refuel.

Foreigners do not disrespect our traditions

A braai by any other name would not be as sweet, so if you don't call it a braai you're not getting any! Go barbeque your burger patties somewhere else, please!

Braaibrootjies are essential

We're not complete savages, we love our meat, but a little carbs never hurt right?

When its official we're braai'ing today

As soon as the sound of chopping wood begins, so do the goosebumps

You can't braai unless the temperature is right

Unless the braai master gives the go-ahead that the coals are at optimum heat, you sit back drink your beer and you marinade!

The kitchen is off limits

If we have made the democratic decision to braai, then we are fully committed to braai'ing. Don't you dare touch an oven or a stove!

Any weather is braai weather

In other countries a bright sunny day is a good day for an outdoor cookout, in South Africa, if we're not dying, we're braai'ing!

I don't think any South African has ever uttered these words

If you have a friend or family member with this type of mentality, cut them out of your life immediately, you don't need that kind of negativity.

Getting your hands dirty

If you're not eating it straight off the fire, the least you can do is eat it with your hands.

A braai is far superior to barbeque, and that's final

Please don't try to argue your point; you will lose!

Was there ever any doubt?

When we're planning a family get together, and someone suggests "Why don't we just braai?"

It's the South Africa bat signal

Nothing welcomes you home like the wafting smell of braai filling up the entire neighbourhood

Boerewors is life!

Sausages have links; boerewors does not! If it ain't wors, we're getting divorced.

The withdrawal symptoms are a real thing

Some may call it an addiction, but we call it a love for a braai. As South African's, we're not here for a long time; we're here for a good time

Going in for seconds?

If these meme's just wet your appetite and you're hungry for more, then check out more braai memes here

Braai high 5's all around

Did you enjoy our collection of braai memes? Which one was your favourite? Let us know in the comments below

Do you have any funny braai memes to share? Share it on any of our social media accounts and if it's a tasty one, we'll be sure to add it to the article and mention your contribution.

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