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Faith and Philanthropy: How Giving Back Can Bring You Closer to God

06 April 2023 | 0 comments | Posted by Naomi Salazar in Mind, Body & Soul

How to combine faith and philanthropy

Philanthropy, a concept of altruistic benevolence, has been an integral facet of human civilization for aeons. It is commonly affiliated with endowments and charitable endeavours and is viewed as a means of creating affirmative changes in the world.

Nevertheless, for individuals who hold a belief in a higher power, philanthropy embodies a more profound significance. In this piece, we will scrutinize the correlation between faith, philanthropy and how contributing to the community can foster a closer connection with God and facilitate how to get right with Him.

Why is philanthropy important in faith?

For the faithful, the act of philanthropy holds a more profound significance. Many religions prescribe doctrines and customs that underline the importance of altruism and aiding others. For instance, in Christianity, tithing, which involves bestowing 10% of one's earnings to the church, is deemed a means of honouring God and exhibiting appreciation for His blessings. Correspondingly, in Islam, Zakat, or the practice of giving a portion of one's wealth to those in need, is one of the Five Pillars of Islam, regarded as a method of purifying one's wealth and exhibiting compassion for others.

In addition to religious teachings, philanthropy enables believers to actualize their principles. By contributing to the betterment of others, individuals can exemplify their fondness and empathy for humankind and develop a sense of modesty and gratitude for the benefits in their own lives.

The benefits of philanthropy for the giver.

Philanthropy yields advantages not only for the recipient but also for the donor. For instance, research indicates that giving to others can result in elevated happiness and overall contentment. This is because charitable acts activate the brain's reward centre, discharging pleasure-inducing chemicals like oxytocin and dopamine.

Beyond the emotional benefits, philanthropy can also furnish the donor with practical advantages. Donating to charity can often qualify for tax deductions, culminating in noteworthy savings. Giving can also allow individuals to construct social connections and networks while fostering invaluable skills like leadership and collaboration.

The impact of philanthropy on the community.

Philanthropy has the potential to wield a substantial impact on the community. Through the contribution of charitable donations and volunteer work, one can supply the necessary funds for essential programs and services that benefit those in need. Philanthropy can also serve as a catalyst to raise awareness and advocate for important social causes, such as combating poverty or advocating for education.

Furthermore, philanthropy can cultivate a sense of community and belonging amongst those looking for a home. When individuals convene to bestow, they can create a shared sense of purpose and unity that can enhance interpersonal connections. The augmentation of interpersonal connections can result in a stronger sense of social capital and can benefit the community as a whole.

How to incorporate philanthropy into your faith practice.

If you are considering incorporating philanthropy into your faith practice, there are various avenues you can explore. Here are a few notions to help you commence:

  • Initiating small - even trivial acts of charity can have a substantial impact. You can start by donating a fraction of your earnings to a charitable organization, offering your time to volunteer at a local non-profit, or merely offering to assist a neighbour in need.
  • Get involved in your faith community's charitable efforts. Several churches, mosques, and other faith-based organizations offer programs and initiatives that strive to assist those in need. Getting involved in these endeavours can be an excellent way to put your faith into action and make a positive impact on your community.
  • Contemplate joining a giving circle or philanthropic organization. These groups enable individuals to combine their resources and contribute collectively to causes they care about.
  • Seek opportunities to give back in your everyday life. For instance, you can choose to shop at stores that donate a percentage of their earnings to charity, or support brands that uphold a commitment to social responsibility.

Finding the right cause to support.

When it comes to philanthropy, it's crucial to find a cause or organization that is aligned with your values and principles. Here are a few pointers for identifying the right cause to support:

  1. Consider the causes that matter to you the most. For instance, if you're zealous about animal welfare, you could try this out and contemplate supporting a local animal shelter or rescue organization.
  2. Conduct thorough research. Contributing to any organization necessitates extensive groundwork and confirmation of its legitimacy and efficacy. Resources like Charity Navigator and GuideStar can be immensely valuable in scrutinizing non-profits.
  3. Search for organizations that possess a well-defined mission and tangible outcomes. It is imperative to pick a cause that concentrates on a specific goal and can demonstrate the impact of their endeavors.
  4. It is prudent to extend support to organizations with a local presence. Backing community organizations can have a more direct effect on those in need and can foster a sense of attachment to the cause.

Giving back in ways other than money

While pecuniary donations are frequently the most ordinary manifestation of philanthropy, a plethora of alternative methods to give back exist. Several illustrations are as follows:

  1. Volunteering - bestowing your time and expertise can be equally valuable as a pecuniary donation.
  2. Donating commodities - bestowing items such as garments, furniture, or sustenance can be an excellent means of assisting those in need.
  3. Advocacy - vociferating about crucial social causes and increasing awareness can be an influential approach to engendering change.
  4. Acts of benevolence - even diminutive acts of benevolence, like footing someone's coffee bill or tendering a listening ear, can make an immense difference in an individual's day.

The power of collective giving

Contributing collectively, or giving as a group, can be an influential approach to achieving a substantial impact. Here are some instances:

  1. Contributing circles - these collectives enable people to merge their resources and donate collectively to the causes they feel strongly about.
  2. Corporate philanthropy campaigns - many organizations provide these campaigns, which allow their staff to donate to non-profit organizations through automatic payroll deductions.
  3. Donor-advised funds - these funds enable individuals to donate to charitable causes and then suggest grants to non-profit organizations of their preference.


Incorporating benevolent activities into your religious practice may serve as a formidable approach to engender affirmative consequences in your vicinity while concurrently establishing a correlation with your devout convictions.

Whether your preference lies in devoting your time, currency, or other assets, there are abundant techniques to get engaged and effectuate a transformation.

By locating a motive that coheres with your principles and convictions and operating in harmony with fellow beings, you may contrive palpable transformations and generate a significant discrepancy in the world.

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