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The Impact Of Flowers On Our Mental Health

How flowers can affect our mental health

Do flowers have the power to influence our mental health? In the last couple of months, mental health has become a critical issue, mainly due to the global pandemic.

Many people started experiencing mental health problems, which are frequently caused by social isolation and loneliness.

What can you do?

Even though you can't support everyone physically, you can offer them acts of kindness. Flowers can help you there!

So, what effect do flowers have on our mental health?

Create intimacy and form stronger bonds

Due to the current circumstances in the world, many people feel disconnected from social situations. People are so hung up on their phones and social media that they almost forgot what it's like to have a closer bond with another human being.

Can flowers mysteriously cure them?

Even though flowers can't magically surround them with a group of friends, a lovely bouquet or a plant pot can make them feel less lonely. By sending flowers, you're creating a stronger bond with the receiver. Let your family and friends know that you're thinking about them.

Boost your memory

Do you feel like you're starting to forget things easily?

You might need flowers to help you sharpen your mind and easily recall your memories.

How can they help in situations like these?

Believe it or not, some types of plants, such as rosemary, can significantly improve your memory! A room that smells like rosemary keeps you awake and alert, which allows you to remember more things.

On the other hand, tending planted flowers can also play a significant role. Each plant requires special care and attention, and remembering all that can expand your memory!

Aren't flowers just amazing?

Help you sleep better

The tension we feel daily may interrupt our sleeping schedule. A lot of people have troubles falling or staying asleep during the night because the stress tends to be so overwhelming. However, nature has its cure and answer to this as well.

Lavender is the plant that can help you relax and peacefully drift in your dreamland. It has been proven that the scent of lavender lowers your heart rate and helps you relax, which is an excellent start to falling asleep. Even though this flower can't cure chronic insomnia, it can certainly help you sleep better during the night.

Minimise anxiety

Anxiety caused by stress and anticipation about the current situation we live in can be extremely tiring. People are constantly worrying about the future, which can intensify anxiety and overall negative unconstructive emotions.

But flowers can help you feel calm and minimise anxiety.

As you know, the flowers minimise the feeling of loneliness and anxiety; consider surrounding yourself with flowers. Even though some spaces, like offices, have a restriction when it comes to flowers, nothing is stopping you from creating an eco-friendly deck with flowers. That can help you minimise anxiety and enjoy the wonderful scent.

Increased productivity and creativity

Being stuck in a creative block can be frustrating, especially if you're expected to produce interesting and amusing content for your workplace. However, flowers have been proven to increase your productivity and creativity in your office, home and even school!

Invest in flower and natural elements for your home and office, and check out the effects yourself. Even though you won't magically improve your skill, you'll definitely feel more inspired by the colours, liveliness and energy created by the flowers.

Spread the happiness all around

Happiness is wrapped inside the gifts. However, true joy isn't in receiving gifts, but giving them to your loved ones! Who doesn't like to receive beautiful gifts from people they care about?

To show everyone how much you care about them and spread happiness around you, you might need a lot of money.

Luckily, gorgeous yet affordable gifts, such as a flower bouquet, can make anyone's heart melt. So, instead of wasting money on something meaningless, surprise your loved ones with magnificently made flower bouquets.

Gardening for mental health

Besides having gorgeous bouquets around the house, gardening and planting flowers can help your mental health as well! How can that help you improve your wellbeing?

Tending and caring for plants have a fantastic effect on your mental health. Whether you choose to plant flowers in your garden or tend them as house plants, consider all of the benefits of loving a house plant.

Besides the mentioned impacts, caring for flowers can help you through depression and challenging times. Colourful plants can cheer you up and, at the same time, remind you to take care of yourself.


As you can see, flowers have magnificent impacts on your mental health. They can help you and others around you feel so much better, more active and energised! Even though you may wonder whether the flowers are worth your time, get a plant and check out for yourself!

About the author

Jasmine Anderson is a Sydney based lifestyle blogger and a toddler mom. She loves to spend quality time with her family, go thrifting, and spend just a little bit too much time on the internet. If you enjoy her writing you can reach out to her on Twitter

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