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10 Benefits of Hemp Seed Oil for Great Health

31 October 2019 | 0 comments | Posted by Jessica Smith in Mind, Body & Soul

Hemp seed oil health improvements

Hemp is different from its more familiar counterpart, marijuana, and does not cause any significant psychoactive effects. Unlike marijuana, hemp seed oil is a beneficial remedy that contains essential fatty acids and micronutrients. You may not be able to differentiate between hemp seeds and regular or feminised cannabis seeds even under a microscope.

Still, they have a significant difference in the nutrients that they contain. Below is a brief look at ten benefits of hemp seed oil for your health:

1. Anti-inflammation

Daily consumption of hemp seed oil is essential to build up a great defence against inflammation. Hemp oil generally improves your health by fighting off swellings and is an efficient anti-inflammatory agent. The hemp oil is full of anti-swelling compounds that also treat symptoms of arthritis and chronic pain. Although the hemp seed oil has great promise in relieving various ailments, it still needs further examination.

2. It is nutritious

Hemp seed oil is a nutritious additive to your daily diet. In addition to containing a variety of minerals and vitamins, hemp seed oil also has lots of protein and unsaturated fat. The human body requires these food substrates for optimum health. Since the body can only produce a limited amount, you can acquire essential fatty acids from the hemp seeds. Other nutritious compounds in hemp include antioxidants, nerve tonics and flavonoids.

3. Cholesterol management

Hemp seed oil offers a natural way to boost your cardiovascular health. Studies reveal that bioactive elements present in hemp seed oil are responsible for the destruction of cholesterol in the bloodstream. They also indicate that hemp seed oil reduces cholesterol absorption in your body. The cleansing of cholesterol ensures your heart is free of the various complications allowing you to lead a healthy life.

4. Enhanced immune function

Hemp seed oil can improve immune function in those with weak immune systems. The oil's composition of fatty acids, including both omega six and omega 3, is crucial in enhancing your body's ability to fight diseases and maintain a robust immune system. Besides, hemp seed oil also improves digestion, metabolism, rest, and other functions that directly impact your immune system. It can prevent the risk of various cardiovascular diseases, tumours, and auto-immune responses.

5. Weight management

Weight loss is a dreadful topic for many individuals, mostly because of the intense workout you need to burn fat. Hemp seed oil can enhance weight loss among users. It also reduces the risk of obesity and can aid weight management in those seeking to drop some pounds. Omega 3 is also instrumental in facilitating fat metabolism and overall weight loss.

6. Better digestive health

The hemp seeds are beneficial for the proper functioning of your digestive system. The presence of both insoluble and soluble fibres in the oil's structures helps reduce bloating and constipation. This action improves your gut health by allowing the natural movement of the bowel. What's more, proteins available in the oil are easy to digest and suit people who have difficulty digesting different forms of animal protein.

In Canada, you can mail order cannabis products such as seeds, oils, and edibles from reputable online dispensary Canada retailers that offer high-quality products.

7. Skin Moisturization

The oil from hemp seeds can improve your skin and treat various infections, including psoriasis, eczema, and dermatitis. You can also apply the oil during winter as a moisturiser to keep your skin from becoming dry. During summer, hemp seed oil can prevent sunburns and reduce the outbreak of acne shingles.

8. Relieving PMS symptoms

PMS (Post-Menopausal Syndromes) is popular among females above 40 years. It can result in various undesirable symptoms, including cramps, sharp stomach pain, breast tenderness, inflammation, overwhelming feelings, and mood swings, among others. According to studies, hemp seed oil might help ease cramps during and after menstruation. It also contains GLA (gamma-linoleic acid), which can alleviate PMS symptoms like depression and irritability.

9. Brain protection

Apart from improving your immunity and alleviating other medical symptoms, hemp seed oil can also safeguard your brain. Different cannabinoids attach themselves to specific brain receptors in the endocannabinoid system (ECS). This activation, in turn, reduces anxiety, improves mood, and enhances sleep and memory. Hemp seed oil helps to fight tumours and cancer cells in the brain. They can also reduce anxiety and panic disorders, including depression.

10. Treating seizures

CBD oil and hemp oil can both aid the treatment of seizures in both humans and dogs by regulating homeostasis and other functions. Taking a daily dose of hemp seed oil will reduce the appearance of epileptic seizures and faints. It also improves brain and cardiovascular health, protecting your vital organs during attacks.


There are several other benefits of hemp seed oil, ranging from fitness to sleep, diabetes, and cancer treatment. You can use the seeds for medicinal purposes or integrate with your diet for their health benefits.

Before purchasing any hemp seed oil, be sure only to contract reputable and reliable retailers that can guarantee the quality of their products. It is also recommendable to consult your doctor for specifications on the right dose, mode of delivery, and period of use. The administration is particularly crucial if you are taking hemp seed oil for medical reasons.

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