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8 Ways to Make Your Long-Distance Relationship More Fun

Fun long distance relationship activities

Long-distance relationships can be tough because we always want to spend quality time with the person we love, but it’s not always possible. Most people who enter into a long-distance relationship plan to be together at a point down the road eventually — whether one of you had to go away for school or a long work project, or maybe you met online, and you live in different areas of the country.

No matter the situation, long-distance relationships can work and still be fun, but you have to put in the effort. Planning things like craft nights, when you both work on a project together like painting, will help you to carve out time for each other and still stay involved even from a distance.

1. Plan FaceTime dates

FaceTime and other video chatting apps have really revolutionized the world of long-distance dating because now you can open your phone and actually see your significant other – even from the other side of the world.

Making the time to have regular FaceTime dates will definitely keep you in each other’s lives and let you feel like you’ve spent quality time together from the comfort of your own homes.

Your FaceTime date can be an hour of chatting together, or you can get creative with your Facetime date night ideas like cooking a meal together or starting a two-person book club.

The best way to make sure that you’re not skipping out on the dates is by picking one night a week when you always get together. Suppose you have to switch the day sometimes, no big deal. But, a regular date schedule will give you both something to look forward to.

2. Have a craft night

Another fun activity that you and your sweetheart can do together over video chat is crafting. Crafts have been proven to reduce levels of stress and refocus your mind.

If you’ve both had a stressful week at work, try unwinding together by doing a diamond painting. You can each purchase your own design that you want to do or buy one for the other person and surprise them. This is an easy way to complete an activity and still chat about each other’s daily lives simultaneously.

3. Start a new show or watch a movie together

Sometimes, the only thing you want to do is snuggle up next to your S.O. and watch a good movie or start a new show together, but long-distance makes it a lot harder.

Luckily, you can use your phone or computer to video chat while you both watch the same show or movie from your beds. This gives you the same experience as watching in person together, so you can comment on the plot or discuss what you think will happen next. You can also use mobile apps like Rave that allow you to connect in real-time and watch movies or TV series together.

Try taking turns on who gets to decide what you’ll watch that week. Or, embark on the journey of starting a new show together, but make sure the other person isn’t getting ahead on episodes. This is time to spend together and share a mutual experience.

4. Send a handwritten letter

Can you even remember the last time you received a handwritten letter that wasn’t from your grandparents? In fact, your grandparents probably skip the paper and text you now, too.

Handwritten letters are so special because they’re more personal and take a bit more effort than just typing out a text and pressing send. Plus, your S.O. will never expect it. Write a heartfelt message and maybe include a photo or two of you together and then slip it into the mail and wait for their response.

5. Use Snapchat to send pictures

Snapchat can be a really great way to get little glimpses into each other’s lives. It’s one thing to text your significant other about that super cute thing your cat was doing all day, but it’s a whole other experience when you can snap a quick video, and they can watch it for themselves.

This is a fun way to stay involved in each other’s day-to-day lives and see a picture of that face you love and miss.

6. Go on a virtual vacation

Many popular vacation destinations have started getting into the sphere of virtual vacations, particularly during the coronavirus pandemic. This is a fun way to explore a new place without spending money to go somewhere.

Find a destination that you and your S.O. would love to see and embark on a virtual trip somewhere. You can even use these virtual trips to plan someplace that you’d actually like to visit together one day.

7. Or, Take an actual vacation

As fulfilling as your long-distance relationship can be with some effort, nothing replaces spending time together in person. You can plan your next trip to see each other or use your time apart to dream about a destination you’ve both always wanted to visit and then plan a real trip there.

Sharing new experiences with your S.O. builds a deeper relationship and gives you great memories to reminisce on when you’re apart.

8. Buy a drink at their favourite bar or restaurant

This is a charming and innovative idea. Your special someone will never even think that you would take the time to call their favourite place and pay for a drink or even a meal before they arrive. However, this will take some planning.

Talk to their local friends and find out what night they’ll be headed to their regular spot. Then, call the bar or restaurant and ask if you can give your card information to pay for a surprise for their incoming patron. This might even start a fun game of buy-a-drink tag where your S.O. sends you a drink back.

Together even when apart

If you’re in a long-distance relationship, you’re probably looking for new ways to stay connected with your sweetheart. FaceTiming and video chatting is important, but you should also work on different activities together or even a virtual wine tasting.

Get creative!

Handwritten letters and fun Snapchat videos are two other avenues to stay in touch and keep your relationship strong. Focus on staying involved in the other person’s life and make time to sit down together at least once a week.

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