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Best Natural Ways To Deal With Poor Appetite

16 February 2022 | 0 comments | Posted by Alexandra Doherty in Mind, Body & Soul

Natural remedy for poor appetite

Appetite is crucial to your general health, and a lack of it might indicate a health issue. It also connects to our physical well-being, like the digestive system and mental well-being. You may also take actions to boost your appetite when it's low, such as knowing what to eat when you're hungry. Some of the common factors impacting loss of appetite are:

  • Diet
  • Mental Health
  • Pregnancy
  • Medical Condition

In contemporary times, people are becoming conscious about their lifestyle and health. Hence, they try different natural or supplementary ways to regulate their appetite. One of the new methods to improve your appetite is THC O Distillate. If you don't want to try cannabis, you can try various other ways to regain your loss.

Best natural ways to deal with poor appetite

Some of the ways to improve your appetite are:


Low energy, constant discomfort, interrupted bowel motions, stress, flatulence, and even weight gain or loss are synonymous with the loss of appetite. Poor digestion also causes hunger!

Healthy digestion aids in the elimination of pollutants and maintains your stomach light and clean. Constipation, indigestion, irregular bowel movements, and other digestive issues harm overall health. Exercises can significantly enhance gut health and hunger. It can do wonders if accompanied by a proper sleep schedule.

There are various simple exercises like walking, jogging, etc., for beginners trying to improve their appetite. Other practices like yoga and meditation can also be helpful for the same.

Use a large plate while having food

A massive piece of food may appear intimidating to some, but presenting your meals on a larger plate may fool your brain into believing you're eating less. It helps in whetting your appetite. According to studies, even slight changes in plate size might cause people to eat bigger servings subconsciously.

This logic is the same as small plates help in reducing your portion size and food intake. So, try serving meals on your most enormous dinner plate to see if it helps you stick to your daily calorie goal.

Make sure that you are eating with someone you are comfortable with

Have you ever noticed that you eat more while with friends or watching a Sunday cricket match?

According to studies, social contact and television distract people's attention away from food, encouraging them to consume more unconsciously. For instance, some research revealed that when people ate with friends, they ate 18% more. It showed that when they ate in front of the TV, they ate 14% more.

You can eat in front of a mirror if you're anxious to keep your calorie count up. Another study discovered that persons who ate in front of a mirror assessed their meal as tasting better and consuming more of it than those who did not.

Eating food with those you are comfortable with helps you be calm, and you can eat comfortably without any anxious thoughts. It often results in having a wholesome meal.

THC O distillate

THC O distillate capacity to encourage eating has been known for ages. Users report significant appetites for food and an enhancement of food's sensory and hedonic characteristics. These effects are now the consequence of cannabis molecules acting on specific cannabinoid receptor sites in the brain and representing the physiological role of their endogenous ligands, endocannabinoids, in appetite regulation.

Recent advances in endocannabinoid systems studies have produced compelling evidence from animal models. They demonstrate that endocannabinoids play a typical function in regulating food motivation.

The availability of specific cannabinoid receptors opens up the possibility of better treatments for eating and body weight disorders. It includes appetite suppression and treating conditions involving reduced appetite and weight loss. You can purchase THC O distillate from here or any other website.

Try changing the texture of your food to improve your appetite.

If you're having problems chewing or swallowing food, you can try changing how you have your meals. To make chewing simpler, you can try cutting or mincing meats and raw vegetables into small pieces. You can include more liquid meals in your diet full of nutrition.

Consume liquid feeds such as soup and smoothies and soft metals such as yoghurt and ripe fruit. Changing the texture of your food might help you eat more and feel more satisfied. It is one of those ways to trick your brain into eating more.

Eat more food that you like in the initial days

Munching on to your favourite snack might make you have more but eating the vegetable you hate would not result in the same. It may look like an unhealthy option for the long term for increasing appetite. But it can be one of those ways to help you start in the initial days.

So, you can try the dishes or flavours you like so that your stomach and taste buds want more of them. In this way, your lost appetite may come back. But make sure not to keep on munching on your favourite snacks because they won't be able to meet the nutrient requirements of your body.

Include food dense in energy nutrients

Something energy-dense is another way of expressing that it has many calories. If you only have time to consume quick snacks or occasional meals, higher-calorie foods are one of the ways to satisfy your body's daily caloric requirements.

Some foods like cheese, almonds, or nut butter are high in energy. To increase your calorie intake, top a dish of potatoes, rice, or pasta with your favourite sauce or dressing. You can also add shredded or melted cheese, butter, or gravy. In this way, your body will be getting the required calorie intake without you putting in much effort.


Poor appetite on some days is generally not a concern, but persisting poor appetite can be a sign of an underlying disease. You can try natural ways to increase your appetite or get back your lost appetite in the initial days. You may choose some of the preferable ways according to the daily schedule to help you regulate your appetite.

But, if you don't see any results, it is essential to consult a medical practitioner about the lost appetite. He may prescribe you some medications or supplements to revive your appetite or treat you for any underlying disease.

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