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How To Recognise Your Inner Professional Artist

Tap into your inner artist

As kids, we naturally find joy in creativity until life beats it. We enjoy making some art like singing, painting, dancing, or making things with clay. Your teacher, who used to be thrilled about your voice, no longer feels the same because you are not good enough as an adult. As adults, it is always about being good enough. Creating becomes stressful and fearful, and you begin to avoid it even though you miss it.

Embarking on a journey to recognise your inner artist gives you a valuable chance to reconnect with yourself. Irrespective of the art you choose- beads, crotchets, paints, piano, etc.- so long as it brings you joy and challenges your creativity, it is your art.

The renowned Anna Mary Robertson started painting at seventy years old. Her art is still sought after today.

The thin line between you and your artistic skills is the bad habits hindering you from recognising them. Although habits are tough to break, you can with time and patience. Whether picking a paintbrush or wearing your dancing shoes, your art offers you joy and fulfilment.

This article is a way of helping you find your inner artist.

How to recognise your inner professional artist

Aspiring artists need to participate in art fairs to sell themselves. An art fair is a centre where people with shared beliefs come together to produce, commission, preserve, present, promote, criticise, buy and sell art. It brings together aspiring artists, collectors, and curators.

Newcomers can use this as an opportunity to present themselves as artists. Many budding artists are unaware of the advantages art fairs offer. Besides the fun, art fairs give you opportunities to showcase your talents.

You can establish yourself as a professional by clicking on art fairs for artists.

Acknowledge your skill

What form of art charges you with energy and feels appealing to your soul?

Sometimes, an artist might not see their skill, attribute, talent, and strength like someone else. Most of them underestimate their unique qualities and focus on the things they lack.

Start by creating a list for a week or two- write a list of all your skills today, or ask people for your best qualities and talents. Keep it within sight daily because it is essential for a positive self-image.

Trust your intuition about the form of art you want to pursue and acknowledge your skillset.

Keep a closed workspace

Your creative space should be free from distractions. Make it your sacred space.

Your workspace should be void of audio or visual distractions. It should offer you the focus you need and make you feel your best. Create a designated space for your workplace. Let people know you need to be alone to be your creative best.

Put a "Do Not Disturb" sign on your door if necessary.

Give up perfectionism

This comes after acknowledging your skill. The fear of not doing it perfectly makes it scary to put your work out there. This limits your chances of recognising and developing your inner artist.

Perfectionism goes hand-in-hand with the fear of not doing well or failing. Obsession with perfectionism makes you afraid of putting anything out there. The growth path is by putting your work out there.

Avoid Ms. Critic and Ms. Creative at the same time

Everyone has a Ms. Critic and Ms. Creative.

Ms. Creative makes art without fear or worry. She needs a safe space to be creative that doesn't judge. Ms. Critic is an analytical thinker that notices where you need improvements. She is very different.

As a beginner who's trying to recognise your inner artist, those two should never be present at the same time. Ensure you view your work through Ms. Creative's eye as a beginner.

Criticism robs you of your joy of making art. You will keep on going in circles and won't be able to find your skill. Suspend all your worries and judgments about your work until you are a professional artist. Later in the process, you can view your art through both eyes.

Give up self-doubt

Self-doubt plays a role in hindering you from seeing your skill. You have to do the work to recognise your talent.

As an artist, you must show your skill to people. Not everyone will like your technique, and that is okay. You must realise your growth comes from within, not from what people say.


To recognise your inner professional artist, you must dig deep into what you love about your art. Many artists discovered their art in the second half of life.

You can too!

Avoid negative comments or activities that won't help you in the process. It is better to avoid doubts and focus on productive activities.

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