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Rose Day Gift Ideas For Your Boyfriend

22 January 2020 | 0 comments | Posted by Sania in Mind, Body & Soul

Rose Day Gift Ideas for him

During the month of February we're encouraged to celebrate our love and our significant other and while Valentine's day takes most of the credit week of love has more to it than that. 7 Days before Valentine's day is called Rose day. Rose Day is celebrated all over the world on the 7th of February as a lead-up to Valentine's Day on February 14.

Rose day is celebrated by gifting roses to your loved ones to tell them how much you love and appreciate them. Some may take to this occation while others may not and if you haven't celebrated it before it could be a way to surprise your partner and keep things exciting.

Your boyfriend may not be expecting wine and dine together, looking at your busy schedule, but you can still impress him and show your love in various ways that will cost you nothing. You can gift your man a little sentimental gesture that will bring him loads of love and happiness.

This rose day, surprise him with these rose day gifts:

1. Make him a love letter

What is more special to say your love than a picture postcard? You can make postcards and stick a picture of you and your lover together and at the back of each postcard right a few lines that made the moment special for both of you. Place the postcards at the dinner table or at the side of his bed and place candles to cheer up the romanticism. These sweet little things add much more to your love.

2. A personalised video card

What could be a better rose day gift for a boyfriend rather than a personalised video card? Step up your gift game this valentine, be creative and put some efforts for your man. You can make a video card and create your slideshow. You can add his favourite music and all your favourite pictures together. It’s easy to curate, and that’s the best part of this gift. This rose day, give him a ride to the memory lane and show him how much your togetherness matters.

3. Plan his dream vacation

Is there something your guy has always been planning for and failed due to time and busy work schedule or anything? Gift him his dream destination tickets and make him feel special. You can even choose a sport that has always been of interest like hiking, mountaineering, etc. Build a budget, and you will not also have to spend extra on this valentine gift that he will cherish forever.

4. Surprise him with roses on the bed

While your partner is busy simplifying his work life, you can utilise the time to decorate your bedroom. This could be one of the best surprises to cherish your love for this rose day. You can buy rose bouquets and place them at the corner of your bed. Add rose petals to your bed and decorate the room nicely. Light up some scented candles, some romantic lights, and his favourite food. Set the mood right and your rose day will be the best.

5. Leave cute notes for him on his car

Love can always be displayed with letters and notes. Get heart-shaped sticky notes and place them nicely in the car. Make sure to write what all make you fall for him and why you like him. These cute notes are the epitome of your love and will make your guy you for your efforts.

6. Send him a golden rose

You must have googled different ways what to gift your boyfriend this rose day, and most of them tell about the ideas you can adopt when you are together both physically and mentally. But this idea is best when you are even in a long-distance relationship — sending him a golden rose or a gold-plated metallic rose when you cannot meet him. Many online sites have these roses, and they can be an excellent fit for your partner, something that will never fade just like your love.

A rose by any other name

These are some of the best rose day gifts for your boyfriend. Not only you will be expressing your love, but you also will be sharing the best memories with your partner.

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