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5 Crowdfunding Platforms to Get Funded Your Mobile App

04 September 2020 | 1 comments | Posted by Jamie Waltz in Money Talks

ways to crowd fund your mobile app

Building a mobile app needs considerable investment now. The app market is highly competitive, and quality parameters are exceptionally high. Naturally, the development companies no longer can get away with low budget apps with poor performance and user experience. This is why development companies are increasingly opting for crowdfunding platforms to meet the budgetary requirements.

The biggest advantage of crowdfunding platforms is that even small and medium businesses, by taking their aid, can build high-quality apps rich in features. Thanks to these platforms, the app development projects can stop worrying about the budget and concentrate on creating an excellent product based on a unique app idea and innovative features.

Do you want to know about the leading crowdfunding platforms that you can opt for your app project? Well, there are quite a number of credible options in the market. Here we showcase a few of them.

1. AppStori

AppStori is a leading crowdfunding platform to fund unique app projects. The only bad news is that the platform is still not open to non-US residents. Unlike many other leading platforms, this one is built explicitly for funding only app projects for iOS and Android platforms.

Based on the app idea and the project details, the experts in AppStori will give an opinion about the possibility of crowdfunding success for the project, and you can decide to go ahead or take back the project accordingly. Just like most platforms here, also you need to declare rewards for the funding goal. In case you fail to achieve the goal, the project gets no money. Moreover, you cannot get more funds than what you asked for initially. AppStori charges only a 7% cut of the app revenue, and for processing the credit cards, Amazon charges around 2-3% processing fees.

2. KickStarter

KickStarter is one of the world's oldest and mightiest crowdfunding platforms for funding all kinds of creative and innovative projects, including gadgets, apps, and media contents. The platform is well appreciated by projects that need a small amount of funding.

You need to set a funding goal for completing the project. Upon completion, Kickstarter takes a 5% fee, and Amazon charges around 3-5% for credit card processing. Since it is a popular platform attended by many seasoned small investors, the rewards you declare must be tangible, actually beneficial for users and worthy of putting money. To help you succeed, KickStarter also offers helpful tips and guidelines to see projects become successful.

Most industry experts still find Kickstarter to be the most engaging platform for crowdfunding app projects.

As Paul Osborne, CEO of Cerdonis Technologies LLC a mobile app development company based in Chicago, explains,

"Kickstarter made the crowdfunding dream a reality for countless innovative projects and a whole generation of developers and creators look up to this platform to see their projects become marketable products."

3. Indiegogo

Indiegogo is regarded as the closest competitor and one of the two general crowdfunding platforms besides Kickstarter. Despite many similarities with KickStarter, there is a unique attribute that makes Indiegogo more popular. Indiegogo allows you to choose from different ways to fund your project.

Here are the two funding types to choose from the Indiegogo platform.

  • Flexible funding: despite not reaching the goal, you can keep the raised funds up to a certain date. Despite the flexibility, most apps embracing this type of funding fail to achieve the funding goal.
  • Fixed Funding: This is similar to the 'all or nothing' model common to most crowdfunding platforms. You do not get funds if you fail to reach the target fund value for your project.

Just like on Kickstarter, you keep 100% ownership of your project. Indiegogo also allows delivering different incentives for the people to make contributions to the project. When it comes to guiding the project to success, the platform offers several tools and support systems to help the projects achieve the funding goal. With Indiegogo spreading the words about your campaign is easy. You can pitch a user-focused appeal along with a video content describing the USPS of the project.

4. AppsFunder

AppsFunder is not a service platform for crowdfunding app projects, but it is more like a community platform where app investors choose investment projects. Hence, this platform is considered lucrative for app projects compared to the run of the mill platforms catering to all niches. The biggest value proposition of AppsFunder is that it helps you boost your revenues while reducing the risk proportion to a minimum.

Apart from coming with a robust community of small investors, the platform also helps projects and investors create meaningful collaboration through a win-win situation. This is why the platform has already played an instrumental role in raising funds for many successful apps. Over the years, the successful app projects coming out of this platform represent a great diversity of niches, categories and app ideas. They also run a popular blog to give you ideas and tips to make presentations for your project.

5. GoFundMe

GoFundMe is another major crowdfunding platform that, in recent years, has raised millions for funding many successful projects. This platform equally suits small and big app projects, and it has made a successful journey by funding too many successful projects across the niches.

Though it is particularly not an app-only crowdfunding platform, the majority of success stories from the platform belong to innovative mobile app projects representing various niches. If you have an app project requiring big funds and faster reach to the app idea's potential investors and buyers, you cannot leave this platform out of your shortlist.


So here we are. We have made some well-considered choices among the crowdfunding platforms for your app projects. We likely missed a few deserving ones that should be featured in this list. Well, you are free to consider others besides these platforms that we found worthiest for app projects.

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