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How To Earn Cryptocurrency By Running Ads on Your Site

24 May 2019 | 13 comments | Posted by Che Kohler in Money Talks

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Bitcoin and cryptocurrency have exploded in popularity over the last 3 - 5 years and is slowly starting to gain mainstream support and recognition. Bitcoin is popularly known as the internet of money and its open source code has lead to some pretty unique ways of revising the way we do business online. These alternative means of transferring money and tracking payments aims to disrupt a number of markets, especially in the very lucrative area of online publishing.

Major network platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google have already banned or restricted crypto related advertisements for some time now and while they claim its to protect their user base from scammers there is also a sense of self-interest playing a part in the decision. To reduce the reach of disruptive technology for as long as possible is an act of self-preservation.

More options in the ad space

While the Facebook Audience Network and Google's GDN network is by far the most popular it doesn't mean they are the most profitable for the end user publisher. It's always preferable to shop around and ensure you have competiting networks helping you auction your traffic off to the highest bidder for improved rates. There are now several blockchain ad network platforms which help you to advertise bitcoin and crypto related ads on their sites.

These ad networks have their own set of features, rates and ad campaign plans that make them unique. These ad networks that allow you to display Bitcoin-related ads on your site and earn additional Bitcoin income and if you do have a blog or create finance-related content it is a perfect match for your site. As these networks grow and advertisers look for cheaper reach when compared to traditional advertisers the publishers already on these networks will benefit greatly from the influx of new advertisers. 

So now that you know what cryptocurrency ad networks are all about, let's look at the ones currently avialable.

1. A-ADS (Anonymous Ads)

A-Ads is one of the largest cryptocurrency-oriented ad networks currently available. A-Ads or Anonymous Ads main method of payment is Bitcoin, although other currencies may be added in the future. Its been around for quite some time and its reputation has been well-documented over the years. More importantly, publishers do not register on the platform, as there is no collection of personal data at any stage, which is great for those who love their online privacy.

Money can be earned through unique impressions and referred sales.

Visit A-Ads

2. Ad Dragon

Ad Dragon is a new kid on the block looking to make an impact. It was launched in 2019 and sports a brand-new cryptocurrency ad network with a twist. It’s different from anything currently on the market because it isn’t an ad exchange. It’s an online ad marketplace. It can be compared to the model Ebay or Amazon are using, but instead of selling stuff, they sell ad space.

Visit Ad Dragon

3. AdBit

Adbit differs from most other service providers on this list because it specialises in letting advertisers bid against one another for available ad spaces. It gives publishers a lot more options to choose from, while also creating a far more fair ecosystem for all parties involved. Popular websites with high conversion rates will be able to earn more money over time and make the competition for space more lucrative for both parties.

Visit AdBit

4. Adconity

Anew Ad network, Adconity is a Zurich-based company was founded in 2017. Adconity provides CPC, CPM and CPA campaigns. They also have interesting partners on their list, such as GoDaddy, to name one. Adconity puts a lot of emphasis on its user-friendly approach, as stated by their motto “user-friendly cryptocurrency.

Visit AdConity

5. Adshares (Website down)

Adshares is a decentralized platform for digital advertising where publishers and advertisers make direct deals without any middlemen. Adshares aims to offer a cheaper, transparent and censorship-free advertising to users. Adshares provides almost instant payments for its publishers in tradable ADS coins that are listed on CoinMarketCap. 

Visit Adshares

6. BitMedia

In the world of advertising, text ads are seen as outdated with media ads taking hold when it comes to publishing. For BitMedia, however, they see an opportunity and feel text ads are a worthwhile option to explore alongside banner advertising. It is somewhat similar to how Google’s AdSense operates, though with a much greater focus on cryptocurrency. Strict requirements make this program a bit more difficult to get into, but the higher payouts make that effort worthwhile.

Visit BitMedia

7. CoinAd (Website down)

CoinAd differentiates itself from the pack by only focusing on worthwhile websites with high rates of trust and quality. For advertisers, this guarantees they are not deceived or bleeding money, something that can happen when sticking to more traditional advertising models.

Visit CoinAd

8. CoinTraffic

Although this site flies under the radar a bit, CoinTraffic is intent on bridging the gap between advertisers and publishers. With its top-of-the-line support system, CoinTraffic has an edge over some of the other platforms on this list. With earnings calculated in fiat currency, it is also a bit easier for publishers to see how much they earn with CoinTraffic. Payments are still made in Bitcoin, however.

Visit CoinTraffic

9. CoinURL (Site down)

Giving users multiple ways to earn money with cryptocurrency advertising is always a smart business decision. CoinURL has made a name for itself by offering two types of revenue models. It's banner ads are the traditional way to go, but there are also shortened links to make money with. It is a very different type of advertising, although it can lead to some new business models along the way.

Visit CoinURL

10. Coinzilla

Coinzilla emerged in November 2016 and, over the past two years, it has built a solid reputation in this industry by delivering quality services and results. By employing a vast network of relevant websites from the crypto space, they help promote the projects of their advertisers efficiently by offering their ads to a targeted audience.

Visit Coinzilla

11. MellowAds

If you've been a faucet lover or been visiting crypto blogs for some time then you must know MellowAds. They are one of the older cryptocurrency advertising networks on the market today is Mellow Ads. It makes it easy to get involved with advertisers, but if one’s website has no quality traffic, the earnings will reflect this deficit. Due to its system of paying per unique click or view, earnings may not be what one would expect at first.

Visit MellowAds

12. TokenAd

TokenAd allows users to benefit from the most efficient ad format to make advertisements blend in with normal website content. Advertisers will need to bid for available ad space, which should be rather beneficial to publishers. This platform lends itself to many different purposes, including generating buzz for crypto events or ICOs.

Visit TokenAd

Augment your income

Cryptocurrency may be a small and fragmented market and may not seem like the most stable asset which often scares away the competition. Creating competiting ad networks and ensuring you diversify your income is a smart option, even if you're collecting a speculative asset like Bitcoin. Earning a few satoshis a day may not seem very attractive but who knows? In the long run, those satoshis could add up to something much more valuable than the current pay per click model you have now. 

Tell us your story

Have you started monetising your site with the help of cryptocurrency? How has it helped you? Which plugins are you using? Are there any methods that you feel should be included on this list? 

Let us know in the comments.

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Disclaimer: This article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide any investment advice and is for educational purposes only. As of the time posting the writers may or may not have holdings in some of the coins or tokens they cover. Please conduct your own thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency as all investments contain risk.

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