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6 Ways to Save Your Time and Money On Laundry

10 July 2022 | 0 comments | Posted by Jessica Smith in Money Talks

reduce cost of your laundry

With small kids, you may be required to do laundry more often. Even people with no kids do their laundry once or twice weekly. Laundry can be time and money-consuming if some factors are not considered. Ranging from detergent to water, they may make your laundry expensive.

With a tight schedule and hype of activities, you must complete within a shorter time; then, you must try cutting down the time you spend on laundry. The following article will give you some basic tips on saving time and money on laundry.

1. Buy an energy-efficient machine

Your washing machine will determine the amount of time you will spend on your laundry. Some of the washing machines are slower in cleaning and even drying.

In addition, you should consider washing machines that are energy efficient such as those that are energy regulated, to help you reduce the amount of power you use. When buying a washing machine, you must consider the amount of water and power your machine will require to complete the cleaning.

This will help you save money on the water and electricity bills. A good example is a twin wash machine which will enable you to save your time and money due to its energy-efficient functions. Such a machine can help improve your laundry experience while at the same time saving you a great deal.

2. Use cold water for all your laundry

Cold water will help you save your time and money significantly. Heating water for laundry will be costly and time-consuming since laundry will require a significant amount of water. Therefore, you should consider using cold water unless in an avoidable circumstance.

For example, if you have kids, you may need hot water to clean their messes. But if you are comfortable cleaning their nappy with cold water most of the time, you will save time and cost.

Cold water is also said to be detergent friendly as it dissolves easily, saving you more on your detergent.

3. Consider using a clothesline

During summer, you can comfortably use your clothesline to dry your clothes instead of using your dryer. A cloth line is cost-effective compared to a dryer which will spend more power and increase your electricity bill.

During summer, the weather is hot and calm, which is efficient enough to dry your clothes within a short time. Once you have cleaned your clothes, you should hang them outside to dry instead of using a dryer. Clothe lines are also efficient as they allow your clothes to absorb good air, making them smell better.

4. Fill your washer

Before running your washer, you should ensure you have a full load of clothes to wash. Washing a few clothes with your washing machine will waste energy and time.

If you are alone in the house, you can do your laundry at least once a week, which gives you enough time to have a significant load that will fill your washer.

If you only have a few clothes to clean, you should consider washing them and drying them on the hanging line. You should also consider not overstuffing your washing machine as it may not run well if overloaded.

5. Make your detergent

Detergents can be costly, especially if you clean more often. Therefore, you can try to make your laundry products using simple ingredients and procedures.

Making your detergent saves a significant amount that you would otherwise spend on your favourite brand weekly. You can make homemade detergents, scent enhancers, fabric softener, and fabric, lowering your laundry budget.

Your homemade laundry products will last longer and clean your clothes perfectly, just like the commercial detergents. Using simple ingredients, you can make detergents in liquid, powder, or single-dose units.

6. Pay a cleaner to do the laundry

This may sound costly. However, it is time-efficient, especially when you have tight schedules and a lot of activities to do. Spending your few coins by paying a cleaner to do your laundry can also save you some extra costs associated with laundries, such as water, detergents, and electricity bills. A cleaner will help sort your clothes, iron them, and do the folding that would have taken you longer.

They will also help you clean harder-to-clean clothes that take much of your time and also sort those that require hand or washer cleaning. Paying for laundry services is cheaper and time-efficient than doing your laundry. However, it would be good to consider hiring an experienced and reliable cleaner. You can even ask for referrals from your neighbours, friends, or relatives.

Wrapping up

Laundry is an inevitable task. Therefore, you must try your best to cut costs and save time on laundry. If you are using a washing machine for all your cleaning, you must ensure it is energy efficient as you may end up paying more through electricity bills.

You should also consider the amount of water it requires to clean your clothes to ensure that it doesn’t consume too much. Using a hand washing method, you can also save time and money on your laundry by sorting out your clothes first.

You can also soak them for some time before cleaning them, making cleaning easier and faster.

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