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How Brands Can Leverage TikTok Challenges

27 October 2023 | 0 comments | Posted by Dinah Shapiro in nichemarket Advice

How brands can use Tiktok Challenges

Considering that TikTok has more than 1.1 billion users, if your brand isn’t yet on TikTok, it should be. TikTok is a social media app that can be highly relevant to your brand. Here is another interesting statistic to keep in mind: 35.1% of TikTok users make use of TikTok to research or follow brands. Let’s take a look at TikTok challenges and see how brands can leverage TikTok challenges.

What are TikTok challenges?

TikTok creators use TikTok challenges to invite people to engage with their content. TikTok challenges are campaigns or trends that encourage people to create their own videos based on doing a certain task.

This task could be something like doing a skit or dance or showing off a talent. As more people take part in the TikTok challenge and share videos with the challenge hashtag, the hashtag begins trending on TikTok. TikTok challenges can even go viral, and are generally fun and entertaining.

Brands can create branded challenges on TikTok. Creators generally collaborate with brands on branded challenges in order to raise awareness for the promotion’s hashtag and the actual challenge.

How can brands leverage TikTok challenges?

Brands can either take part in an existing TikTok challenge or create a new TikTok challenge. It’s important to think about which one is the best option for your brand.

How can your brand participate in an existing TikTok challenge?

Let’s outline the steps below.

Research trending TikTok challenges. See what the popular challenges and trends are. You can look for trending hashtags and videos. Give TikTok hashtags your own unique twist to help your brand stand out.

Make sure to pick a challenge that is relevant to your brand. When you take part in a relevant challenge, your audience can see that your brand is fun and modern.

After choosing a trending TikTok challenge, you have to take part in it. Create your own video of performing the challenge. You can ask your employees to participate in the challenge.

How can your brand create its own TikTok challenge?

  • Research - see what types of TikTok challenges have worked for other brands.
  • Get inspired by popular challenges in your industry but don’t copy what others have done.
  • Think about what your goals are. Would you like to increase brand awareness?
  • Before you can begin a TikTok challenge, you need to know what your goals are.
  • Creating your TikTok challenge is the next step. Describe the TikTok challenge and how people can take part in it. The clearer your rules are, the better. Once you have created your TikTok challenge, you need to create a hashtag and at least one video that illustrates the challenge. Create a fun TikTok challenge that shows off your brand.
  • Then you need to promote your TikTok challenge. You can work with TikTok influencers to promote your brand.
  • You can even promote your TikTok challenge on your other social media platforms.
  • Get your TikTok challenge noticed by users - an easy way to do this is to use a catchy sound in your TikTok challenge.
  • Utilise graphics and effects to make your TikTok challenge more appealing to users.
  • Encourage people to take part in your TikTok challenge. Offer brand giveaways to invite people to participate in your challenge.

Get inspired by Guess’ #InMyDenim Hashtag Challenge on TikTok, which invited consumers to show off their denim fits. The campaign went viral, realising more than 5,550 user-generated videos and 10.5 million video views.

Are there any advantages of TikTok challenges for brands?

There are so many advantages that TikTok challenges offer brands:

Reach a wide audience.

It’s simple, really. TikTok challenges assist you in reaching a wide audience. You can tailor TikTok challenges in a way that connects with your brand’s main or desired audience. When the TikTok challenge is done properly, a sense of community can be created around your brand.

More brand awareness

Increasing awareness around your brand is vital. TikTok challenges can make more users aware of your brand. As more people take part in your brand’s TikTok challenge, their followers are introduced to your brand and they will see your content. The more people know about your brand, the better.

Speaking to a younger audience

Did you know? Most of the TikTok audience is Gen Z. 42% of the audience is between the ages of 18-24. TikTok challenges enable your brand to be relevant to your TikTok audience.

Get ready to earn user-generated content for your brand

By running a TikTok challenge, your brand can earn valuable user-generated content. As people take part in videos and share videos, they are promoting your brand.

When people talk about your products in a spontaneous way, your brand is viewed as valuable. You can even share or repost user-generated content on your social media profiles, with permission.

By sharing user-generated content, you are constantly filling your TikTok feed with engaging videos.

Tips on using TikTok for your business

  • It’s vital that you create content that is relevant to your brand and audience. The content you create on TikTok should be entertaining. Your videos have to be unique in order to get noticed on TikTok.
  • Think about when and how frequently you should post content on TikTok. When is your audience online and most likely to see your content?
  • Do you want to work with influencers on TikTok? There needs to be an alignment with your brand voice and the influencers you collaborate with.
  • You also should set clear goals when partnering with influencers. By setting goals, you and the influencers know what the expected collaboration goals are.
  • Tracking the performance of your influencer marketing campaigns during and after the campaigns have been executed is crucial.

To conclude

TikTok challenges can be beneficial for your brand. There are many advantages of leveraging TikTok challenges for brands. Whether you create your own TikTok challenge for your brand or participate in an existing TikTok challenge is up to you. Enjoy leveraging a TikTok challenge for your brand!

About the author

Dinah Shapiro is a freelance copywriter in Johannesburg, South Africa. Dinah loves reading books and writing on different topics.

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