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How To Verify Shopify Stores in Google Search Console

verify shopify in search console

If you are familiar with Google Search Console, you will know a few ways of verifying your website. You can either verify the entire domain through DNS verification, or you can verify the URL prefix with one of the following methods: 

  1. HTML file - Upload an HTML file to your website
  2. HTML Tag - Add a meta tag to your site's homepage
  3. Google Analytics - Use your Google Analytics account
  4. Google Tag Manager - Use your Google Tag Manager account
  5. Domain name provider - Associate a DNS record with Google

Unfortunately, not all of these will work when verifying Google Search Console with a Shopify store. 

The methods that don't work so well

We all have our preferred verification methods, but the most popular methods have all resulted in errors with Shopify. Generally, Google Analytics (GA), Google Tag Manager (GTM) or HTML file uploads are the easiest methods of verifying properties on Search Console.

  • With Shopify, on the other hand, it all depends on the developer and the theme setup. And 99% of the time, verification through GA or GTM does not work as the code is not placed in the recommended positions on the page.
  • HTML file upload is impossible as HTML files uploaded to the site are stored on Shopify's CDN, or content delivery network, and not on the website's root domain.  

We all like taking the simple route, but sometimes the best solution is actually not as complicated. 

The easiest way to verify your Shopify Store on Google Search Console

The answer here is simply the HTML Tag method. You will have to make some changes in the liquid files, but the instructions are straightforward, and it will be tough to break anything. 

Using The HTML Tag Method: 

  1. In Search Console, Choose the HTML Tag verification method
  2. Copy the meta tag provided in the verification instructions, for example, in the screenshot below.

  3. Open up your Shopify Store Admin Panel
  4. Navigate to Online Store > Themes
  5. Select Actions > Edit Code
  6. Under Layout, select the theme.liquid file, this will open up in the code editor
  7. Find the opening of the <head> tag and paste the verification meta tag in the line directly below it.

  8. Save the changes
  9. Head back to Google Search Console and click verify. 
  10. Congratulations, your Shopify store has been added as a property in Google Search Console.

And it's as easy as that? 

Tell us how you managed to verify your Shopify Store

If you managed to use a different method or would like to share your own experience with us, we would love to hear from you! Tell us more about your experience with integrating Shopify and Google Search Console. 

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