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4 Accessories That Help You Keep Your Car Clean

21 July 2022 | 0 comments | Posted by Smith Willas in Petrol heads

Keeping your car clean

The way you keep your car speaks volumes about your behaviour and values. Believe it or not, staying organised helps you build, improve and maintain your image. On the opposite side, keeping your car messy and unorganised projects you as a careless individual. Cars that haven't been washed and cleaned inside out for weeks are exposed to some factors such as odour, bacteria, mice, corrosion, and allergens.

All these factors have a direct and adverse impact on your health, your loved ones', and your car. According to psychology, clean and unclean living environments do wonders to our mental, emotional, and physical health.

Imagine sporting your unsporting car to an important business meeting or client call! Would you be able to do the last-minute preparations for the meeting while driving?

A majority of people would give a negative answer.

This is one of the solid reasons you should keep your car clean. Here are a few other important reasons why you should clean and maintain your vehicle –

Clean spaces make space for happiness.

We eat and drink a lot in our car and leave wrappers and droppings on the seat and floor, most often. When left unaddressed and uncleaned for days and weeks, this clutter release a stinky odour.

These tiny pieces of garbage and a heavy amount of smell in your car can increase the level of cortisol in your body. Cortisol, in its simpler definition, is called the "stress hormone", the hormone responsible for your happiness. Unpleasant odours, one way or another, affect your concentration level and focus too.

In addition, the air quality is always poor inside such cars. Therefore, if you have an unclean car, it is not just an unclean car; it is an unhealthy car too, that is putting your health and happiness at risk day by day, bit by bit.

A neat car reflects your status

The condition of your car reflects your real persona. If your car looks begrimed all the time, has visible dents, and creates an awkward noise every time you try to start it, there are chances that people around you don't like you.

To change this perception, you ought to clean and maintain your vehicle well. To get started, take your car to a professional car cleaning service. Get it vacuumed and wiped thoroughly. Check the condition of the air conditioner and get it fixed if required. Replace its perfume too. Now, take a pledge that you will keep your car (and with that your life) organised.

Here are some of the most effective ways to clean and keep your car organised

Put in trash cans

Develop a habit of throwing food wrappers and debris in a bin only. Invest in a couple of trash cans and put them in your car. If you do not want to spend anything on this, you could consider using a plastic bag. Place them strategically at easy-to-reach locations. If someone else is riding the car, humbly ask him/her to use the trash can/bag.

Don't forget to empty the can or replace the bag when it's full. If there are food wastes, it would be wise to replace the bag/can every day. This way, you can avoid messy car interior and odour.

Use cup holders

By default, there are one or two cup holders in most cars. But you can consider buying a few cup holders for enhanced convenience. The job of a cup holder is to hold cups, mugs, and glasses securely and prevent them from falling on the seat and floor.

This is especially a necessity for your car – if the car holders are either too tight or too loose and if someone or some other people commute every day in your car. Cup holders also prevent drips, slips, and spills to a greater level. While buying a cup holder for your car, invest in the one that has an anti-slip base.

Place coasters in the cup holder

Coasters are also a must-have utility for cars these days. You ideally place them under your mugs and glasses, and the absorbent material of the coaster soaks all the spills and moisture and keeps your seat, dashboard, and cup holders free from stains.

Some suppliers allow you to customise car coasters as per your unique personality. This would be a cool way to add personalisation to your car's interior design.

Paper napkins and wet wipes

Both paper napkins and wet wipes are used for picking the drops and cleaning surfaces and hands. And you know where you have to shake off the used tissues and wipes after use – in the trash can or bag.

Keep a few tissues and wet wipes in the dashboard or your bag, and take them out whenever needed and while having food or beverage in your car.

To end with, the best way to keep your car clean is to clean it immediately after it gets dirty. When you leave it unclean, it turns hard and often becomes a permanent stain and with that, very own the identity of your car.

Do you have another tip to help car users keep their vehicles clean?

Drop it in the comments section below.

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