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5 Tips For Windscreen Care and Safety

23 June 2021 | 0 comments | Posted by Rod Day in Petrol heads

car windscreen safety tips

If you are like me, your vehicle is probably your most prized possession, after your home. So it's essential that you maintain and clean your car. By ensuring your vehicle is in sound operating condition, you promote road safety when travelling in or driving it and extend the lifespan of your vehicle.

Servicing your car every six or so months may be your main focus; however, regular maintenance involves more than just servicing. Keeping your car and windscreen clean is paramount.

Your windscreen is an essential structural point of your car; it is not just to shelter you from the weather. A windscreen is also your window to the road when driving, and the way you clean the windscreen and frequency is often overlooked when it comes to road safety.

It's important to keep it clean. Regular cleaning will also help you identify potential issues, including chips or cracks. Below we are sharing our five suggestions so you can look after your windscreen.

Taking care of your windscreen doesn't have to be hard; in fact, it is straightforward:

1. Always try to drive carefully, especially on poor road surfaces

It might sound obvious but driving safely is critical when looking after your windscreen and keeping it clean. If you are driving near lorries or trucks, we suggest keeping a reasonable distance, so you can stay clear of debris that might hit your windscreen.

If you're driving on an unsurfaced road – such as rural country roads or one that has been recently resurfaced – it is vital to drive slowly to ensure you don't get cracks or chips; gravel can damaging your windscreen. It is important never to rush, including the roads we travel on every day.

2. Don't forget the rear windscreen

Often many people forget about their rear windscreen, even more than they neglect the windscreen interior. Similarly to the front windscreen, the rear windscreen is important for safe driving. If it is covered with dirt, you might not be able to view traffic. Once again, we recommend keeping everything in good working order and regularly clean with the right products.

3. Let's not forget to clean the windscreen's interior

The windscreen interior is equally important as the exterior for visibility and needs to be cleaned and wiped every few days. Sadly the interior of the windscreen is often neglected; grease and dirt, if unchecked, can lead to windscreen stains. This can impact the clarity of your windscreen, making visibility a challenge, especially at night or in poor weather. Remember to use the right cleaning products and cloth for your windscreen.

4. Take care of your windscreen with regular cleaning

Ensuring your windscreen is cleaned every day is a great habit. Simply wiping it off will not only enhance your clarity but also help to maintain the windscreen. It doesn't need to be a big clean. When cleaning your windscreen, use an appropriate windscreen cloth and use a spray made specifically for windscreens. Using the correct products ensures you won't add any new scratches to your windscreen.

5. If you notice chips and cracks, repair them quickly!

You must get a chip or crack repaired as soon as possible should you discover one when you're driving or while cleaning your windscreen. Chips all too often turn into a crack, which can lead to a costly windscreen replacement.

You can be at home or in the office; our team can repair your windscreen and drive again safely. It only takes one or two hours to repair a chip – or even less – so you can be back on the road in no time. Often, you can drive your car almost straight after it is repaired, no need to wait around or collect the car.

Noticing chips before it turns into a crack can be a challenge, this is why you should clean your windscreen daily. You will be more likely to spot chips before cracks emerge.

Chips often turn into cracks as there is the stress placed on your windscreen while driving, as well as road vibrations. Driving on unfinished uneven roads increase the chance of a chip turning into a crack. If you have a crack or chip you're concerned about, then don't delay; get it looked at straight away; it can save you money in the long run.

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