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How Does Panel Beating Work?

23 March 2020 | 1 comments | Posted by Zac Walker in Petrol heads

How panel beating your car works

One of the worst things that can happen to your car is for it to undergo a severe collision. What happens next is the question that bothers a lot of people. The best course of action is for you to get interested in the so-called collision repair industry. One of the tasks that serve as a core of this industry is the alleged panel beating. It’s a task required to return the car to its pre-accident condition, via a series of tasks that revolve around removing, repairing and replacing damaged panels.

So, seeing as how this is a service that (unfortunately) you may need at one point, here is a brief rundown of all you need to know about it.

1. What are the tasks involved in the process?

To understand the work of a panel beater, we need to figure out which tasks are involved in the process. For instance, you have the replacement and repair of damaged panels, as well as fixing of dents and scratches with speciality fillers.

There are sanding and filing of the bodywork, as well as the replacement of damaged parts with new ones. Lastly, panel beating also involves realigning the chassis and body frame, as well as repainting the vehicle so that it matches the original colour.

A seasoned panel beater is proficient in all of these tasks.

2. Who are panel beaters?

The next thing you need to figure out is the job description of a panel beater. For one to become a panel beater, they need to take one of several career courses. For instance, there’s a Vehicle Accident Repair course or a Vehicle Maintenance and Repair course as a great start.

Other than this, an apprenticeship is more than necessary, and it consists of removal and repair of panels, the refit of mechanical and electrical trim, as well as the repair of paint defects and refinishing.

These three are also the core skills that are used in this field.

3. Where can you find excellent panel beating services?

Now that you know all that panel beating services entail, we’ve come to the task of finding the right panel beaters for the job. First of all, you must check the reputation and credentials of the panel beating service centre that you’re considering.

Second, you might want to look at their pricing and make some comparison with others. It’s always good to shop around but do understand that lower price sometimes means a lower quality of service.

Lastly, seeing as how towing of the vehicle may be an issue, try to look for local professionals to help you out.

4. How does one start a panel beating service business?

Previously, we’ve mentioned the importance of checking the credentials of a panel beating service. With that in mind, what is it that a panel beating business needs to start? First of all, it needs to be a member of the regional Automobile Chamber of Commerce.

Second, it needs to have a certification that testifies that they’re trained and equipped by the latest industry standards. One such certification is I-CAR. These two alone are a great start.

5. What are the skills and traits necessary?

The very last thing you need to understand is the fact that not just anyone can become a panel beater. First of all, this is a job that requires one to possess a high level of mechanical skill, prowess and aptitude. Second, it’s a physically demanding job, which also affects the profile of employees that are ideal for the industry.

Lastly, seeing as how the industry itself is not the safest there is (sharp, heavy objects and tools), one’s sense of personal safety is a necessary precaution. Personal protective equipment (PPE) is vital for handling all the required tasks.

In conclusion

There are so many environmental issues like the damage on your car and the workload that the intended servicer is facing at the moment. This is why you need to carefully negotiate and keep both your eyes open when trying to figure out where to take your car in its post-collision state.

This is a significant decision, so make sure to take your time and do your research.

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