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10 Crucial Magento Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Online

22 November 2019 | 0 comments | Posted by Jayaram Bhat in Shopaholics

Optimise your Magento site

Do you know Magento is the second most popular eCommerce platform worldwide? Whether you are a startup, SMEs, or a large scale organization, Magento offers a secure eCommerce platform to sell your products online. It's a perfect mixture of digital and dynamic shopping experience that you provide to your customers.

Hence, more and more merchants prefer Magento eCommerce development to establish their online store. However, there are crucial Magento mistakes that you should avoid while setting up and online platform to sell products.

This article is a comprehensive guide that will allow you to understand the common Magento mistakes so that you can avoid them to get a feature-rich eCommerce development.

Let's explore the common Magento mistakes, which you should avoid while selling online.

1. Complex navigation

Simple and intuitive navigation is the key to offer a seamless user experience to your customers while they are exploring your online store. Layered navigation is a combination of several options available on a single web page so that different categories displayed on a single page. This functionality enables customers to select their choice of category landing on the web page of the products they want to buy.

To avoid complex navigation problems, you can use Ajax navigation for filtered results. Also, you can disable the crawling for the specific pages if you do not wish to rank them on search engines. Hence, make sure that the navigation of your Magento eCommerce store is user-friendly and straightforward.

2. Irregular backups

Often, merchants practice irregular backups for their Magento eCommerce app or website, which increases the risk of a data breach or hacking. To avoid such issues, Magento development experts recommend conducting regular backups. Almost every Magento mobile app development service provider who offers this service with their maintenance plan.

3. Installation via FTP

Use the downloader method offered by Magento that is easier for the installation process and helps to maintain upgrade capability. With the downloader functionality, it's simpler to reduce the size of files and get all the files of the current stable Magento version.

4. Router Issues

Remove the router when the modules do not require an admin router to function. If it directly interferes with the behaviour of modules, it may cause issues like failing to identify the frontend page or redirection from HTTP to HTTPS. To overcome the router issues, assign similar names for frontend and admin routers.

5. Disregarding title tags

If you do not cover title tags for your Magento mobile app or website, you will not get higher rankings in the search engine results. So, do not disregard title tags which will help you to make your business easily searchable. Just understand the fact that the title tags will contribute to making your content well structured.

And, well-organized and structured content with the proper implication of title tags will let search engines understand your business and make it more easily searchable. So, when customers search for online shopping, they can find you easily.

6. Changing the default theme

It's not a wise idea to modify the default theme in Magento. It may create functional errors while changing the default setting. Hence, Magento mobile app development services provider strongly suggest not to make changes in the default themes because heme modification process requires constant trial-and-error sessions. And, may not produce the desired results.

However, you still prefer to make your online storefront unique, here are the steps to follow:

  • Copy needed files from /design/frontend/default/default/ directory.
  • Paste them to /design/frontend/default/your theme.
  • Follow the same steps for default skins.
  • Make the required modifications to the theme.
  • Go to system->configuration>design and implement the new settings to your themes.

7. Complicated checkouts

Do not make a mistake by making your checkout process a complicated one. If you use Magento eCommerce development technology for your online store, make sure to give your customers a simple and intuitive yet secured checkout process. Reducing complications will not only help to complete checkouts quickly but also decrease cart abandonment.

8. Disabling customer reviews

Posting customer reviews is the key feature that enables customers to post feedback and rate your store products. Customer reviews tend to improve sales, as they develop the trust of potential consumers.

Thus, do not disable customer reviews for your Magento store, which boost conversions. Unfortunately, most of the online store owners do not use (or even know) about the option. Enable the review feature on your Magento store, and enjoy its enormous benefits.

  • Go to catalogue-> reviews & ratings > customer reviews, and make the necessary changes to enable customer reviews.

9. Overlooking to change default settings

When establishing a new Magento store, change the default name home page immediately after the installation process. Also, you need to change the default settings to avoid placing misleading information on the online store. These changes in the configuration are executed to make your store acquire high search engine ranking and appear in search queries accurately.

10. Neglecting topnotch Magento features

Do not overlook discerning about various Magento functionality that will help you to optimize an eCommerce platform. Magento offers many features for eCommerce development, and that is why it is in demand.

For instance, Magento can boast of is multi-store support. Magento accommodates optimizing your store management, allowing you to manage several stores from one administrative panel. Hence, find out the best suitable excellent features for Magento development, and execute the latest technology to improve the functionality of your online store.

Making the most of Magento

So, do not make these mistakes mentioned above while setting up your online store with Magento. As more and more businesses are practising this technology for eCommerce development, it's vital to avoid such errors and get a flawless Magento mobile app development or eCommerce development solutions.

Hence, you can gain enormous success in your eCommerce business by offering the exceptional user experience to your potential customers while they surf on your app or site. Understand the common pitfalls and avoid them to build a robust eCommerce platform with Magento.

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