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9 Valuable Decor Items You Can Find at Antique Stores

18 August 2020 | 0 comments | Posted by Smith Willas in Shopaholics

Decor antiques worth buying

Do you know what comes into your mind when you think of an antique store? Most of you have a picture of a store that has dusty shelves and sells old and broken things. Usually, you don't value such a store in your town/city. However, you value it if you are an antiquer or you are fond of the old things.

In the contemporary world, antique stores are different from the one you habitually picture. Today's antique stores are neat and clean and hold many valuable things that can make you amazed. E-commerce stores are also selling such things, and you can find many of them valuable for your home.

Here are a few items that you can find at antique stores:

1. Victorian Christmas cards

In terms of item collection, all of the holidays in the USA or all over the world have become more popular. However, Christmas is the most famous holiday across the world. Christmas cards of the Victorian era are more valuable, and some of them have the year printed on the back or the front. Classic Victorian artworks such as robins, flowers, and other animal prints can help you date the card.

2. Stained glass

It is very hard to find stained glass that is highly valuable in terms of look and money. You can get the stained glass of superior quality when you look at the piece in person. Online shopping can be a fraud for you. Your in-depth study of the piece you want to buy can help you to have an authentic item for your home decoration or another purpose.

3. Duck decoys

Whether you love to decorate your home, present a gift to your close one, or hunt real ducks, buying bundy duck decoys will be a good investment for you. Handcrafted and hand-painted by Jason Bundy, these antique duck decoys look like real ducks and are an item to enhance the look of a home or office. Their fine finishing lasts for a more extended period.

4. Silverware

Many experts state that antique silverware is highly valuable. Here, the primary concern is to get flatware that is real silver. Original silverware of the old times will normally look oxidized. You can easily polish the same to make it look attractive. A genuine clue to know the originality is that antique silverware makes a ringing sound while taping it on a surface/object. If possible, opt for a branded one.

5. Native American baskets

These handmade baskets look like a simple decorative piece, but they are more than their look. You can learn a lot from these handcrafted baskets by having a look at their shapes, patterns, and the used materials. The value of these baskets depends on their condition and age and can range anything between 3000 and 5000 USD.

6. Antique photographs

Almost all the antique stores have enough stock of the photos of the old times. These photographs have a fascinating look, especially when they are worth much. Before you start shopping for antique photographs for your home decoration, you should do an in-depth study of their types and age. Based on their subject matter, size, condition, and format, antique photos can have a reasonable price at an auction or an antique store.

7. Mid Century shell chairs

If you love to have the furniture items of the ancient time, you should look for Mid Century Shell Chairs at antique stores in your local market or on the internet. According to a Spruce report, the chairs designed by Ray Eames and Charles are the most valuable chairs. However, their designs were copied frequently, and this makes it hard to find an authentic one. It would be best if you were more careful in your purchase and should do your shopping after an intensive study.

8. First edition books

Many of you shop for old books, as they look beautiful and cost a little lower in comparison with the latest one. Shopping the old books will be worth more if you buy the first edition. In your study, you can come across several resources that state how valuable a book of the first edition is. Further, you can find the one at an antique store which is not being published now.

9. Antique luggage set

The big and attractive storage trunk that you used as a bench, a bed, or a coffee table is really valuable if you love having antique items. The old luggage of a high-end brand is more valuable.


An antique store or your local market can be a great source of barings. However, collections will be erratic since its based on its owner's interest, stores particular items, but this is where you can find bargains. Sometimes store owners by-product lots and do not know how to value items outside their niche, and these are opportunities for you.

You can then buy several antique items, based on your choice and interest and expertise, and hold them or resell them online or to an online store. If you are going to buy online antique item purchase, be more careful and shop an item when you become sure about its authenticity. So it is best to go bargain hunting for antiques in person, especially if you're out to find products for resale.

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