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Is Huawei Coming Back With Huawei Nova 8?

01 April 2022 | 0 comments | Posted by Winston Birch in Shopaholics

Huawei Nova 8 Review

It has become harder and harder for smartphone makers to set their offers aside from the rest. This is real disregardless of the price point of view. The making up procedures and carrying out of features in budget smartphones are rising to the point where, in a few cases, it is hard to tell which market section a device is supposed to match with based on specifications entirely.

We freshly got our hands on a couple of Huawei’s up-to-date range of devices. Inaugurating the brand-new 'Nova' series is the Nova 8.

App Gallery supplants Play Store.

Huawei's App Gallery offers are amazingly robust. In that respect, there were some of the more favourite apps that you will not find instantly in the App Gallery. If you look for them, you will be redirected to a third-party website like apkpure.com, where you will require downloading and setting up them yourself. These let in WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

The same thing we notice are the apps you will detect on the home screen after you have switched the phone on first. A few of these are pre-installed, and others are only challenging suggestions that once tapped on, will set out their download from the App Gallery.

Look and feel – are a good factor

The experience of a smartphone in your hand is significant; it is how you utilize it 99% of the time. The Huawei Nova 8 found a pretty bang-up in our hand. That is cheers in part to contouring the borders on the front and back. We also suspect it has something to do with the comparatively small battery.

You get a single choice of colourway, but contingent on how you carry the device, it can have a diverse look. The alleged blush gold may not be for everybody, though. Fortunately, you are able to cover it up with bark or milky cover. If it is your matter, the included filmy cover will fit you just good.

Adequately spaced

The Nova 8 boasts a nice-looking OLED board that backs up HDR10 content and a 90Hz freshen-up rate. The somewhat higher 120Hz freshen-up rate is anticipated at this cost, but the ordinary consumer will be conflicted to tell the dispute between that and the 90Hz you find here.

Transporting this one with 120Hz does not leave the company some room for the slenderly higher-priced Nova 9 simply; they did not have to create that problem.

Behind the screen display, you acquire a sufficient 8GB of RAM and 128GB of memory. The Kirin 820E SoC will get the task done for all-purpose use but do not expect insane multitasking or high-intensity calculating and rendering.


The Huawei nova 8 is a beautiful choice for users who require a budget-friendly phone that servers a big display – and this phone bears one of the most prominent in its price range and extended battery life. It does need a bit of additional legwork to acquire the apps you require, as many of them require sideloaded, which adds up a particular stage of complexity to utilizing it.

Its primary attraction lies though that it is signified to be part of a developing ecosystem of seamlessly integrated Huawei gear with quick, effective pairing to their wireless earbuds, varans, and laptops. If you are already put in additional Huawei gear, this is good worth a look.

Huawei Nova 8 is overall a good phone to buy. It is an average phone in terms of functioning and battery life. But you can still buy a Huawei nova price in South Africa for about R 2599.

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